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Ultrafast pressure-sensitive paint for shock compression spectroscopy
A pressure-sensitive paint (PSP) consisting of rhodamine 6G (R6G) dye in poly-methylacryate (PMMA) polymer is studied during nanosecond GPa shock compression created by km s−1 laser-launched layerExpand
Gradient of the Casimir force between Au surfaces of a sphere and a plate measured using an atomic force microscope in a frequency-shift technique
We present measurement results for the gradient of the Casimir force between an Au-coated sphere and an Au-coated plate obtained by means of an atomic force microscope operated in a frequency shiftExpand
High-Speed Laser-Launched Flyer Impacts Studied with Ultrafast Photography and Velocimetry
Pulsed lasers can launch thin metal foils at km s−1, but for precision measurements in shock compression science and shock wave spectroscopy, where one-dimensional shock compression is vital, flyerExpand
Dynamics of polymer response to nanosecond shock compression
The high strain rate mechanical dynamics of a polymer under shock compression, poly-methyl methacrylate (PMMA, MW = 996 000), were probed in experiments that combined two measurement techniques. TheExpand
The gradient of the Casimir force between carefully cleaned Au surfaces of a sphere and a plate is measured using a dynamic atomic force microscope in the frequency modulation regime in high vacuum.Expand
LASER BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE: Application of laser fluorimetry for determining the influence of a single amino-acid substitution on the individual photophysical parameters of a fluorescent form of a
Individual photophysical parameters of the chromophore of a fluorescent protein mRFP1 and its two mutants (amino-acid substitution at position 66 – mRFP1/ Q66C and mRFP1/Q66S proteins) areExpand
Reduction of the Casimir force from indium tin oxide film by UV treatment.
A significant decrease in the magnitude of the Casimir force (from 21% to 35%) was observed after an indium tin oxide sample interacting with an Au sphere was subjected to the UV treatment.Expand
Modifying the Casimir force between indium tin oxide film and Au sphere
We present complete results of the experiment on measuring the Casimir force between an Au-coated sphere and an untreated or, alternatively, UV-treated indium tin oxide film deposited on a quartzExpand
Demonstration of the Casimir force between ferromagnetic surfaces of a Ni-coated sphere and a Ni-coated plate.
We demonstrate the Casimir interaction between two ferromagnetic boundary surfaces using the dynamic atomic force microscope. The experimental data are found to be in excellent agreement with theExpand
Laser-driven flyer plates for shock compression science: launch and target impact probed by photon Doppler velocimetry.
We investigated the launch and target impact of laser-driven Al flyer plates using photon Doppler velocimetry (PDV). We studied different flyer designs launched by laser pulses of different energies,Expand