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Mycobacteriosis in wild rabbitfish Siganus rivulatus associated with cage farming in the Gulf of Eilat, Red Sea.
Infection patterns of Mycobacterium marinum were studied over a period of 3 yr in wild rabbitfish Siganus nivulatus populations associated with commercial mariculture cages and inhabiting variousExpand
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A theoretical and methodological framework for studying and modelling drivers’ mental representations
This article provides a synthetic overview of the research programme carried out at INRETS-LESCOT over the last 10 years, in view to studying and modelling the mental representations of car drivers.Expand
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Conscience du risque et attitudes face aux risques chez les motocyclistes
Cette recherche porte sur la conscience du risque chez differentes populations de motocyclistes. Il s’agit plus specifiquement d’apprehender cette notion de « Conscience du Risque » selon deux pointsExpand
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European road users' risk perception and mobility : the SARTRE 4 survey
The SARTRE (Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe) project started in 1991. It consists of a European wide survey about knowledge of road traffic laws and road traffic risks, attitudes reExpand
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Towards a conceptual model of motorcyclists' Risk Awareness: a comparative study of riding experience effect on hazard detection and situational criticality assessment.
  • T. Bellet, A. Banet
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Accident; analysis and prevention
  • 1 November 2012
This research investigates risk awareness abilities among different populations of motorcyclists. Risk awareness is defined here as an extension of the Situational Awareness theory applied toExpand
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Risk awareness and criticality assessment of driving situations: a comparative study between motorcyclists and car drivers
The general framework is about risk awareness through the aspect of cognitive abilities - to perceive and assess the criticality of a driving situation - among motorcyclists against car drivers. ToExpand
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0 Report of the Food Web Subgroup
While visionaries like Marjory Stoneman Douglas treated the Everglades as a landscape and ecosystem, a river of grass, the public today is probably most engaged by the visible and harvestable animalsExpand