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Higher-Order Temperature Coefficients of the Elastic Stiffinesses and Compliances of Alpha-Quartz
The first-, second-, and third-order temperature coefficients of the elastic stiffnesses and compliances of alpha-quartz have been derived from thickness mode resonances of double-rotated quartzExpand
Microwave acoustic materials, devices, and applications
This paper surveys applications of acoustic waves in microwave devices. After a general and historical introduction to bulk acoustic waves (BAWs), surface acoustic waves (SAWs), practical wave types,Expand
Thickness vibrations of piezoelectric plates with dissipation
The three-dimensional equations of linear piezoelectricity with quasi-electrostatic approximation are extended to include losses attributed to the acoustic viscosity and electrical conductivity.Expand
Piezoelectricity: history and new thrusts
  • A. Ballato
  • Physics
  • IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium. Proceedings
  • 3 November 1996
Piezoelectricity was discovered by the brothers Curie in 1880. What started out as a scientific curiosity has grown to have very significant commercial importance. We sketch here some of theExpand
Dynamic admittance matrix of piezoelectric cantilever bimorphs
The matrix that relates the harmonically varying driving parameters: a moment M at the tip, a force F at the tip, a uniformly applied body force p and voltage V to their response parameters: the tipExpand
Piezoelectric materials for acoustic wave applications
Piezoelectric materials for acoustic wave applications have changed markedly over the past 20 years in terms of both the types of materials available and the quality of individual samples. The totalExpand
Resonance and antiresonance of symmetric and asymmetric cantilevered piezoelectric flexors
The agreement between the linear part of the experimental deflection and the theory was quite good, and an anomalously large quadratic deflection has been found, superimposed on the linear piezoelectric behavior. Expand
Advances in high-Q piezoelectric resonator materials and devices
A physical parameter, composed of acoustic velocity, piezoelectric coupling, and /spl tau//sub 1/ is identified which aids in understanding the maximum frequency limitations of plate resonators. Expand