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Soil Type Is the Primary Determinant of the Composition of the Total and Active Bacterial Communities in Arable Soils
ABSTRACT Degradation of agricultural land and the resulting loss of soil biodiversity and productivity are of great concern. Land-use management practices can be used to ameliorate such degradation.Expand
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Farm costs and food miles: an assessment of the full cost of the UK weekly food basket
Changes in both farm production and food transport have resulted in the imposition of new levels of environmental costs. This study analyses the full costs of foods in the average weekly UK foodExpand
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Potential carbon mitigation and income in developing countries from changes in use and management of agricultural and forest lands
The many opportunities for mitigating atmospheric carbon emissions in developing countries include reforesting degraded lands, implementing sustainable agricultural practices on existing lands andExpand
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Kraft Pulp Biobleaching and Mediated Oxidation of a Nonphenolic Substrate by Laccase from Streptomyces cyaneus CECT 3335
ABSTRACT A new laccase (EC produced by Streptomyces cyaneus CECT 3335 in liquid media containing soya flour (20 g per liter) was purified to homogeneity. The physicochemical, catalytic, andExpand
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Trends in pesticide use and drivers for safer pest management in four African countries
Patterns in pesticide practice were studied among smallholder farmers in Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana and Senegal, growing cotton, vegetables, pineapple, cowpea, and mixed cereals and legumes, for exportExpand
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Soil Microbial Community Response to Land Use Change in an Agricultural Landscape of Western Kenya
Tropical agroecosystems are subject to degradation processes such as losses in soil carbon, nutrient depletion, and reduced water holding capacity that occur rapidly resulting in a reduction in soilExpand
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Biocatalytic desulfurization (BDS) of petrodiesel fuels.
Oil refineries are facing many challenges, including heavier crude oils, increased fuel quality standards, and a need to reduce air pollution emissions. Global society is stepping on the road toExpand
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A review of the current options for the treatment and safe disposal of drill cuttings
Drilling for the exploration and extraction of oil requires the use of drilling fluids which are continuously pumped down and returned carrying the rock phase that is extracted from the well. TheExpand
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Soil health -- a new challenge for microbiologists and chemists.
Soil health refers to the biological, chemical, and physical features of soil that are essential to long-term, sustainable agricultural productivity with minimal environmental impact. Thus, soilExpand
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Diatom-Derived Carbohydrates as Factors Affecting Bacterial Community Composition in Estuarine Sediments
ABSTRACT Microphytobenthic biofilms in estuaries, dominated by epipelic diatoms, are sites of high primary productivity. These diatoms exude large quantities of extracellular polymeric substancesExpand
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