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Frasnian-Famennian brachiopod extinction and recovery in Southern Poland
The new trench Z−17 situated in the Debnik anticline (Cracow Region, southern Poland) exposed strata representing the Frasnian–Famennian boundary interval. The latest Frasnian crisis interval is
Late Frasnian Atrypida [Brachiopoda] from Poland and the Frasnian-Famennian biotic crisis
Late Frasnian Atrypida (Brachiopoda) from the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland, include 15 taxa and were widely distributed in foreslope habitats of the declining Dyminy Reef complex. The Palmatolepis
Faunal Dynamics Across the Silurian—Devonian Positive Isotope Excursions (&dgr;13C, &dgr;18O) in Podolia, Ukraine: Comparative Analysis of the Ireviken and Klonk Events
Two global isotopic events, the early Sheinwoodian (early Wenlock) and that at the Silurian—Devonian transition, have been comprehensively studied in representative carbonate successions at
Middle Devonian brachiopods from the southern Maїder (eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Sixty-two Middle Devonian brachiopod species are described on the basis of >1300 specimens from the Taboumakhlouf Formation (and subordinately probably also from the top of the El Otfal Formation) at
Brachiopods and their response to the Early-Middle Frasnian biogeochemical perturbations on the South Polish carbonate shelf
The brachiopod faunas from deposits recording the Early–Middle Frasnian transition of Poland are poorly known. The present report describes these faunas that were recovered from Wietrznia and
470-Million-year-old black corals from China
Phosphatic remains of antipatharian coralla, previously unknown in the fossil record, occur abundantly in the early Ordovician Fenxiang Formation in the Hubei Province, southern China, and supports predictions on the timing of anthozoan phylogeny derived from the molecular phylogenetic evidence.
The Late Devonian trematid lingulate brachiopod Schizobolus from Poland
A new species of the poorly known lingulate brachiopod Schizobolus is described from the Famennian (Upper Devonian) of Poland. S. polonicus sp. n. has a triangular pedicle notch and a small listriu
Devonian athyridoid brachiopods with double spiralia
A double-spired athyridoid, morphologically transitional between Early Devonian Helenathyris and Late Devonian Biernatella has been identified in the Givetian of the Holy Cross Mts., Poland. It
Shell morphology and structure in Lingulipora Girty
The Devonian Lingulipora Girty is the only genus among the Recent and fossil Lingulidae with a punctate shell; its shell structure, however, has been very poorly known. Micro-ornamentation and
[closo-B10H10]2− as a structural element for quadrupolar liquid crystals: a new class of liquid crystalline NLO chromophores
Several electrically neutral, highly quadrupolar derivatives of the [closo-B10H10]2− cluster (I) substituted in the apical positions with onium fragments derived from 4-alkoxypyridine, 4-pentylthian,