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Specific interactions of liposomes with PMN leukocytes upon incorporating tuftsin in their bilayers
Incorporation of tuftsin derivatives, Thr‐Lys‐Pro‐Arg‐NH‐C18H37 or Thr‐Lys‐Pro‐Arg‐NH‐(CH2)2‐NH‐COC15H31, into an egg phosphatidylcholine/cholesterol liposome bilayer led to significantly enhancedExpand
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Protection of mice against Plasmodium berghei infection by a tuftsin derivative
In Plasmodium berghei infections, the mortality rate and parasitaemias were significantly reduced and the mean survival time was considerably enhanced by pretreating the animals with a tuftsinExpand
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Modification of phospholipid structure results in greater stability if liposomes in serum.
Previous studies have revealed that the replacement of the C-2 ester group in phosphatidylcholine by the carbamyloxy function renders the resulting lipids, without affecting the properties of theExpand
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Carbamyl analogs of phosphatidylcholines. Synthesis, interaction with phospholipases and permeability behavior of their liposomes.
  • C. Gupta, A. Bali
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biochimica et biophysica acta
  • 23 February 1981
A novel class of phospholipase-resisting phosphatidylcholine analogs, in which the C-2 ester group or both C-1 and C-2 ester groups have been replaced by carbomyloxy functions (Formula--see text),Expand
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Stability of liposomes in circulation is markedly enhanced by structural modification of their phospholipid component
Replacement of the C‐2 ester group in phosphatidylcholine by the carbamyloxy function rendered its liposomes completely stable and longer living in the circulation of rats.
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Metastable phase behavior of a sphingolipid analogue.
The phase behavior of the sphingolipid analogue 1-palmitoyl-2-tridecanylcarbamyloxy-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (CM-PC) has been studied by differential scanning calorimetry. When CM-PC is cooled atExpand
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Influence of the phospholipid structure on the stability of liposomes in serum.
The effect of serum on the structural integrity of liposomes consisting of ether and/or carbamyl analogs of 1,2-diester phosphatidylcholine (PC) has been evaluated by measuring both the efflux of theExpand
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Effect of phospholipid structure on stability and survival times of liposomes in circulation.
The phosphatidylcholine (PC) component of liposomes was structurally modified by replacing its C-1, or both C-1 and C-2, ester linkage(s) with an ether and/or carbamyl bond(s) or by changing itsExpand
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Antibody-mediated targeting of liposomes to erythrocytes in whole blood.
F(ab')2 fragments derived from anti-rat erythrocyte antibody or normal rabbit serum IgG were covalently attached to the surface of liposomes consisting of equimolar amounts of egg phosphatidylcholineExpand
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Phase behavior of carbamyloxyphosphatidylcholine, a sphingolipid analogue.
The phase behavior of two series of phosphatidylcholines (PC) possessing carbamyloxy-linked fatty acids has been studied by differential scanning calorimetry. These non-natural phosphatidylcholinesExpand
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