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Nested PCR assay for detection of sugarcane grassy shoot phytoplasma in the leafhopper vector Deltocephalus vulgaris: a first report
Nymphs of Deltocephalus vulgaris, the leafhopper vector of sugarcane grassy shoot (SCGS) disease, fed on SCGS-infected and healthy sugarcane leaves, and SCGS-infected and healthy plant tissue ofExpand
CaneDES: A Web-Based Expert System for Disorder Diagnosis in Sugarcane
Sugarcane being a long duration crop of 10 months faces many biotic and abiotic stresses which causes heavy losses in cane production and productivity. Expand
Growth rate differences of wild vs laboratory reared sugarcane adapted strains oftrichogramma chilonis ishii (hymenoptera: trichogrammatidae)
Sugarcane adapted wild strains of egg parasitoid,Trichogramma chilonis Ishii was collected from sugarcane agro ecosystem of Paedegaon (Maharashtra) and Lucknow (U.P). Growth rate of wild strain ofT.Expand
Interaction ofLixophaga diatraeae (towns.) andTetrastichus howardi (Olliff.) for management ofDiatraea saccharallis (Fab.) in Cuba
Interaction of larval parasitoid, Cuban fly,Lixophaga diatraeae and pupal parasitoid,Tetrastichus howardi for management of sugarcane borer,Diatraea saccharallis was studied. The total parasitismExpand
Soil Arthropods in Maintaining Soil Health: Thrust Areas for Sugarcane Production Systems
Maintaining high agricultural production on a sustainable basis requires conservation of natural resources, including soil quality. Nowadays global interest is growing for improvement in soil qualityExpand
Exploring Efficacious Microbial Bio-agents and Insecticides Against White Grubs in Sugarcane in Indo-Gangetic Plains
White grubs are polyphagous subterranean insect pests which have recently emerged as a major threat to sugarcane cultivation. For effective management of these pests in sugarcane, studies wereExpand