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On a nonlinear elliptic equation involving the critical sobolev exponent: The effect of the topology of the domain
Soit Ω un ensemble ouvert borne regulier et connexe de R N , N≥3. On considere u:Ω→R telle que −Δu=u (N+2)/(N−2) dans Ω, u>0 dans Ω, u=0 sur ∂Ω. On note par Hd(Ω; Z 2 ) l'homologie de diemnsion d deExpand
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The polyhedral product functor: a method of computation for moment-angle complexes, arrangements and related spaces
This article gives a natural decomposition of the suspension of generalized moment-angle complexes or {\it partial product spaces} which arise as {\it polyhedral product functors} described below. Expand
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Operations on polyhedral products and a new topological construction of infinite families of toric manifolds
A combinatorial construction is used to analyze the properties of polyhedral products and generalized moment-angle complexes with respect to certain operations on CW pairs including exponentiation.Expand
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The -theory of toric manifolds
Toric manifolds, the topological analogue of toric varieties, are determined by an n-dimensional simple convex polytope and a function from the set of codimensionone faces into the primitive vectorsExpand
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The KO-theory of Toric Manifolds
We use the Adams spectral sequence to compute the KO-theory of all toric manifolds and certain singular toric varieties.
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On decomposing suspensions of simplicial spaces
Let $X_{\bullet}$ denote a simplicial space. The purpose of this note is to record a decomposition of the suspension of the individual spaces $X_n$ occurring in $X_{\bullet}$ in case the spaces $X_n$Expand
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The equivariant cohomology ring of weighted projective space
We describe the integral equivariant cohomology of a weighted projective space in terms of piecewise polynomials, as well as by generators and relations. Unlike the ordinary integral cohomology, thisExpand
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An infinite family of toric manifolds is constructed from a given one M 2n , using only the original characteristic function (or fan) data. This is done in a way which sim- plifies significantly theExpand
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Cup-products for the polyhedral product functor
Davis–Januszkiewicz introduced manifolds which are now known as moment-angle manifolds over a polytope [ 6 ]. Buchstaber–Panov introduced and extensively studied moment-angle complexes defined forExpand
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