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Color retinal image enhancement using CLAHE
This research uses Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE) to enhance the color retinal image and proposes new enhancement method using CLAHE in G channel to improve the color Retinal image quality.
Compressive Stepped-Frequency Continuous-Wave Ground-Penetrating Radar
A novel design of an SFCW ground-penetrating radar (GPR) with high acquisition speed is proposed and evaluated and actual measurement by a vector network analyzer at a GPR test range indicate the applicability of the proposed system.
Adaptive noise reduction of InSAR images based on a complex-valued MRF model and its application t o phase unwrapping problem
A new adaptive noise reduction method for interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) complex-amplitude images by detecting residues in the phase image as well as their neighbors at first and decreasing the number of residues after the application.
Intelligent beamforming by using a complex-valued neural network
Experiments for multiple beam-pointing and multiple null-steering demonstrate that the CVNN-IBF outperforms the CLMS one in terms of convergence speed and interferences suppression levels.
Multi patch approach in K-means clustering method for color image segmentation in pulmonary tuberculosis identification
This research modified K-means clustering using patch technique for color image segmentation in the image of pulmonary tuberculosis sputum with good segmentation accuracy 97.68% and fast computational process.
Color Medical Image Vector Quantization Coding Using K-Means: Retinal Image
K-means is clustering technique that is applied to create codebook in vector quantization (VQ) coding and the VQ codebook used in this research was developed from retinal image, which was processed as a set of four quarter-images.
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of a Rolled-Dipole Antenna for Low-Resolution GPR
In this paper a rolled dipole antenna for low-resolution impulse ground penetrating radar (GPR) is theoretically and experimentally investigated. The antenna has been designed for transmission of
Automatic classification of tuberculosis bacteria using neural network
Sputum smear microscopy analysis is the important thing for early diagnosis tuberculosis diseases. A lot of patients in tuberculosis medical center cause the doctors and the technicians have heavy
A Modified Bow-Tie Antenna for Improved Pulse Radiation
The analysis, design, and realization of a modified bow-tie antenna optimized for impulse ground penetrating radar (GPR) applications is described. The proposed antenna shows improved properties
Hexagonal Monopole Strip Antenna with Rectangular Slot for 100–1000 MHz SFCW GPR Applications
A printed ultra wideband (UWB) monopole antenna is proposed for applications on stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) ground penetrating radar (GPR) within a frequency range of 100–1000 MHz. The