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Phylogenetic reconstruction of Aegilops section Sitopsis and the evolution of tandem repeats in the diploids and derived wheat polyploids.
The evolution of 2 tandemly repeated sequences Spelt1 and Spelt52 was studied in Triticum species representing 2 evolutionary lineages of wheat and in Aegilops sect. Sitopsis, putative donors ofExpand
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Identification of a new Vrn-B1 allele using two near-isogenic wheat lines with difference in heading time
AbstractsWe conducted a molecular analysis of the Vrn-B1 gene in two near-isogenic lines (NILs) carrying the dominant Vrn-B1S and Vrn-B1Dm alleles from the Saratovskaya 29 and Diamant 2 cultivars,Expand
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Identification of new heading date determinants in wheat 5B chromosome
BackgroundVariability of heading date may assist in wheat adaptation to local environments. Thereafter, discovery of new heading date determinants is important for cereal improvement. In this studyExpand
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Isolation and sequence analysis of the wheat B genome subtelomeric DNA
BackgroundTelomeric and subtelomeric regions are essential for genome stability and regular chromosome replication. In this work, we have characterized the wheat BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome)Expand
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Effect of VRN‐1 and PPD‐D1 genes on heading time in European bread wheat cultivars
The variation of the vernalization (VRN-1) and photoperiod (PPD-1) genes offers opportunities to adjust heading time and to maximize yield in crop species. The effect of these genes on heading timeExpand
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Intraspecific divergence in wheats of the Timopheevi group as revealed by in situ hybridization with tandem repeats of the Spelt1 and Spelt52 families
Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) was used to study the distribution of the Spelt1 and Spelt52 repetitive DNA sequences on chromosomes of ten accessions representing three polyploid wheatExpand
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VRN-1 gene- associated prerequisites of spring growth habit in wild tetraploid wheat T. dicoccoides and the diploid A genome species
BackgroundIn order to clarify the origin of spring growth habit in modern domesticated wheat, allelic variability of the VRN-1 gene was investigated in a wide set of accessions of the wild tetraploidExpand
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Isolation of a new retrotransposon-like DNA sequence and its use in analysis of diversity within the Oryza officinalis
To better understand the genetic diversity of the wild relatives of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in the O. officinalis species complex repetitive DNA markers were obtained from the diploid species of thisExpand
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Study of allelic composition of Vrn-1 and Ppd-1 genes in early–ripening and middle–early varieties of spring soft wheat in siberia
Using allele-specific primers, a combination of the Vrn-A1, Vrn-B1, Vrn-D1, Ppd-D1, and Ppd-B1 alleles was analyzed in 48 early-ripening and middle–early varieties of the spring soft wheat fromExpand
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Genetic and epigenetic changes of rDNA in a synthetic allotetraploid, Aegilops sharonensis x Ae. umbellulata.
The synthetic allotetraploid Aegilops sharonensis x Ae. umbellulata (genomic formula S(sh)U) was used to study inheritance and expression of 45S rDNA during early stages of allopolyploid formation.Expand
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