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Habitat use and behaviour of European hedgehogErinaceus europaeus in a Danish rural area
HedgehogsErinaceus europaeus Linnaeus, 1758 were radio-tagged and monitored during the summer of 2001 in a Danish rural area with the objective of quantifying home ranges, nightly distancesExpand
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Review of rearing-related factors affecting the welfare of laying hens
Laying hens may face a number of welfare problems including: acute and chronic pain caused by beak trimming; exaggerated fearfulness that may cause stress and suffocation; difficulties in locatingExpand
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Effects of broody hens on perch use, ground pecking, feather pecking and cannibalism in domestic fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus)
Abstract Previous work has shown that the tendency to feather peck in domestic fowl is influenced by experiences early in life; it was hypothesised that broody hens prevent development of featherExpand
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Development with age of nest box use and gregarious nesting in laying hens
Abstract Use of nest boxes is an important part of the behavioural repertoire of laying hens kept under commercial conditions. A special form of nest box use is gregarious nesting, which occurs whenExpand
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The Influence of Keel Bone Damage on Welfare of Laying Hens
This article reviews current knowledge about welfare implications of keel bone damage in laying hens. As an initial part, we shortly describe the different conditions and present major risk factorsExpand
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Review of environmental enrichment for broiler chickens.
Welfare problems are commonly found in both conventional and organic production of broiler chickens. In order to reduce the extent of welfare problems, it has been suggested to provide stimulating,Expand
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Effects of color of light on preferences, performance, and welfare in broilers.
  • A. B. Riber
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  • 1 August 2015
Broiler houses are mainly lit by fluorescent light. With the expected continued increase in energy prices, the interest in less energy consuming light sources is growing. The light-emitting diodeExpand
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Effects of Dark Brooders on Behavior and Fearfulness in Layers
Simple Summary Chicks require heat to maintain body temperature during the first weeks after hatch. Heat is normally provided by use of heating lamps or whole-house heating, but an alternative isExpand
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Nest sharing under semi-natural conditions in laying hens
Abstract Under natural conditions, the feral hen (Gallus gallus domesticus) will choose a nest location away from the flock, whereas under commercial conditions, the domestic hen will often chooseExpand
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Culture-independent identification and quantification of Gallibacterium anatis (G. anatis) by real-time quantitative PCR
ABSTRACT Gallibacterium is a genus within the family Pasteurellaceae characterized by a high level of phenotypic and genetic diversity. No diagnostic method has yet been described, which allowsExpand
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