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Global Context Recovery: A New Strategy for Syntactic Error Recovery by Table-Drive Parsers
A method for syntactic error recovery that is compatible with deterministic parsing methods and that is able to recover from many errors more quickly than do other schemes because it performs global context recovery. Expand
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Global context recovery: A new strategy for parser recovery from syntax errors
We give an algorithm that is capable of global context recovery under all circumstances. Expand
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Syntax driven error recovery in top-down parsing.
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Generalizations of Line Graphs and Applications
A line graph is a graph in which each vertex corresponds to a distinct edge of G, and two vertices in H are adjacent if and only if the corresponding edges in C are incident to a common vertex. Expand
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Active Vibration Control of a Smart Cantilever Beam on General Purpose Operating System
All mechanical systems suffer from undesirable vibrations during their operations. Their occurrence is uncontrollable as it depends on various factors. However, for efficient operation of the system,Expand
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