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Towards an early software estimation using log-linear regression and a multilayer perceptron model
Software estimation is a tedious and daunting task in project management and software development. Software estimators are notorious in predicting software effort and they have been struggling in theExpand
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Enhancing Use Case Points Estimation Method Using Soft Computing Techniques
Software estimation is a crucial task in software engineering. Software estimation encompasses cost, effort, schedule, and size. The importance of software estimation becomes critical in the earlyExpand
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Speech Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks: A Systematic Review
Over the past decades, a tremendous amount of research has been done on the use of machine learning for speech processing applications, especially speech recognition. However, in the past few years,Expand
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Estimating Software Effort Based on Use Case Point Model Using Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System
Software effort estimation is one of the most important tasks in software engineering. Software developers conduct software estimation in the early stages of the software life cycle to derive theExpand
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Performance Analysis of Hyperledger Fabric Platforms
Blockchain is a key technology that has the potential to decentralize the way we store, share, and manage information and data. One of the more recent blockchain platforms that has emerged isExpand
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An empirical evaluation of ensemble adjustment methods for analogy-based effort estimation
Ensembles of adjustment methods are not always superior to single methods.Ensembles of linear methods are more accurate than ensembles of nonlinear methods.Adjustment methods based on GA and NN gotExpand
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Dimensionality reduction with IG-PCA and ensemble classifier for network intrusion detection
Abstract Handling redundant and irrelevant features in high-dimension datasets has caused a long-term challenge for network anomaly detection. Eliminating such features with spectral information notExpand
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A comparison between decision trees and decision tree forest models for software development effort estimation
Accurate software effort estimation has been a challenge for many software practitioners and project managers. Underestimation leads to disruption in the project's estimated cost and delivery. On theExpand
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Fuzzy-ExCOM Software Project Risk Assessment
A software development project is considered to be risky due to the uncertainty of the information (customer requirements), the complexity of the process, and the intangible nature of the product.Expand
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