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Prehistoric and Protohistoric Cyprus: Identity, Insularity, and Connectivity
1. Introduction 2. Issues, Agendas and Archaeological Constructs 3. Island Archaeology and Island History: Cyprus 4. Protohistoric Bronze Age Cyprus (ProBA): A Sociohistorical Approach 5. TheExpand
The Archaeology of Cyprus: From Earliest Prehistory through the Bronze Age
Preface and acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Chronology, current research and interpretative context 3. Early prehistoric Cyprus i: Palaeolithic - Early Aceramic Neolithic 4. Early prehistoricExpand
Bronze Age World System Cycles [and Comments and Reply]
This essay explores the geographical extent of the world system and dates its cyclical ups and downs during the Bronze Age and, in a preliminary way, the early Iron Age. The scope of these twin tasksExpand
Initial Social Complexity in Southwestern Asia: The Mesopotamian Advantage
The emergence of early Mesopotamian (Sumerian) civilization must be understood within the framework of the unique ecology and geography of the alluvial lowlands of the Tigris and Euphrates RiversExpand
Production, Location, and Integration in Bronze Age Cyprus [and Comments and Reply]
Explanations for the rise of social complexity increasingly turn to politico-economic, social, or behavioural models that emphasize multivariate causality. Because the incipient stages in theExpand
Crisis in Context: The End of the Late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean
99 Explanations for the Late Bronze Age crisis and collapse in the eastern Mediterranean are legion: migrations, predations by external forces, political struggles within dominant polities or systemExpand
Cyprus’s Earliest Prehistory: Seafarers, Foragers and Settlers
Over the past 20 years, the earliest prehistory of Cyprus has been completely rewritten as a result of new excavations, survey work and high-resolution radiocarbon dating. This study attempts toExpand
The Uruk Expansion: Cross-cultural Exchange in Early Mesopotamian Civilization [with Comments and Reply]
Comments and Reply] Author(s): Guillermo Algaze, Burchard Brenties, A. Bernard Knapp, Philip L. Kohl, Wade R. Kotter, C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, Glenn M. Schwartz, Harvey Weiss, Robert J. Wenke, RitaExpand
The prehistory of Cyprus: Problems and prospects
The archaeological record of prehistoric Cyprus is rich, diverse, well-published, and frequently enigmatic. Regarded by many as a “bridge” between western Asia and the Aegean, Cyprus and its past areExpand