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Leader Emergence: The Case of the Narcissistic Leader
These studies investigate whether individuals with high narcissism scores would be more likely to emerge as leaders during leaderless group discussions. The authors hypothesized that narcissistsExpand
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High-maintenance interaction: inefficient social coordination impairs self-regulation.
Tasks requiring interpersonal coordination permeate all spheres of life. Although social coordination is sometimes efficient and effortless (low maintenance), at other times it is inefficient andExpand
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Dispositional authenticity and romantic relationship functioning.
Abstract The present study investigates the extent to which dispositional authenticity is associated with dating couples’ relationship behaviors and outcomes as well as their personal well-being.Expand
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Understanding the Social Costs of Narcissism: The Case of the Tragedy of the Commons
Two studies examined narcissism and behavior in a commons dilemma. Study 1 used a four-person, laboratory-based task and Study 2 used a dyadic task. Participants were told that they represented oneExpand
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Self-Determination and Sexual Experience in Dating Relationships
The authors propose the Model of Self-Determined Sexual Motivation to examine sexual motivation in dating relationships using a Self-Determination Theory (SDT) framework. This model predicted thatExpand
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An investment model of sociosexuality, relationship satisfaction, and commitment: : Evidence from dating, engaged, and newlywed couples
Abstract Using an investment model (Rusbult, 1980, 1983) of sociosexual attitudes (SOI-A), we examined SOI-A’s association with relationship outcomes using actor–partner interdependence modelsExpand
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Narcissism and academic dishonesty: The exhibitionism dimension and the lack of guilt
Abstract Narcissism is associated with morally questionable behavior in the workplace, but little is known about the role of specific dimensions of narcissism or the mechanism behind these effects.Expand
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Narcissism and the Motivation to Engage in Volunteerism
Two studies investigated the extent to which narcissism was associated with volunteer motivation. Study 1 investigated a sample of United Way volunteers and Study 2 examined a sample of collegeExpand
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Can Rosenberg’s (1965) Stability of Self Scale capture within-person self-esteem variability? Meta-analytic validity and test–retest reliability
Abstract Can Rosenberg’s (1965) Stability of Self Scale (RSSS) capture within-person variability in state self-esteem over time? Whereas prior research found small correlations between the RSSS andExpand
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