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Traders on the run: Activities of street vendors in the Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana
In recent years the activities of street vendors have become a topical issue within the urban spaces of the developing world. Still, research that explores the geographical dimensions of streetExpand
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Participants' characteristics and economic benefits of visiting friends and relatives (VFR) tourism — an international survey of the literature with implications for Ghana
This article surveys the literature on visiting friends and relatives (VFR) tourism, identifying and describing its variant forms and the main characteristics of participants. This characterisationExpand
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Some benefits of migrants' return visits to Ghana
This paper explores some of the benefits associated with expatriates’ temporary return visits to Ghana. These return trips to one’s place of origin or birth commonly referred to as ‘visiting friendsExpand
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An assessment of residents’ housing satisfaction and coping in Accra, Ghana
AimThe present paper is an original research that explores housing satisfaction and residents’ ability to cope with day-to-day demands, taking into account other dimensions of housing andExpand
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Assessment of the Water Quality of the Oti River in Ghana
Oti river, an important tributary of the Volta lake in Ghana, was chosen as a case study to investigate the variations in the quality of its water at different locations. This was necessitated by theExpand
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The rise of gated housing estates in Ghana: Empirical insights from three communities in metropolitan Accra
In metropolitan Accra, Ghana’s economic and administrative hub, the global phenomenon of the gated housing estate is burgeoning, representing a substantial part of the new housing market. It has aExpand
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Housing and health in three contrasting neighbourhoods in Accra, Ghana.
Although the literature on housing and health is extensive, most research comes from developed countries. Relatively little work on the topic has been done in developing countries such as Ghana whereExpand
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The Livelihood Challenges of Resettled Communities of the Bui Dam Project in Ghana and the Role of Chinese Dam�?Builders
Emerging issues from Bui hydro-power project are suggesting that the experiences of two earlier hydropower projects in Ghana failed in preventing challenges related to resource access andExpand
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Some Perspectives on the Migration of Skilled Professionals from Ghana
Abstract: In the last four decades, transnational movements of both skilled and unskilled labor from developing countries to the advanced industrial economies have witnessed an unprecedented growth.Expand
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