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Modeling NDT piezoelectric ultrasonic transmitters.
We present an approximate frequency domain electro-acoustic model for pulsed piezoelectric ultrasonic transmitters which, by integrating partial models of the different stages (driving electronics, tuning/matching networks and broadband transducer), allows the computation of the emission transfer function and output force temporal waveform. Expand
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Preliminary analysis and simulation of the influence of radiations from the rim of therapeutic transducers in the irradiated acoustic field
In this work, the radiation behavior of two ultrasonic therapy applicators (working around 1 MHz range) is investigated when they are radiating into water media having acoustic impedance similar toExpand
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Ultrasonic device for real-time sewage velocity and suspended particles concentration measurements.
In the frame of a technological research and innovation network in water and environment technologies (RITEAU, Réseau de Recherche et d'Innovation Technologique Eau et Environnement), our researchExpand
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The matrizant method for an optimal synthesis of electrostatic multiple cylinder lenses
Abstract The matrizant method for the synthesis of electrostatic systems with axial symmetry, consisting of multiple cylinder lenses and producing an optimal beam quality, is presented. This methodExpand
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Approaching the possible origin of non-ideal radiations in ultrasonic thermal therapy coining from the applicators housing and modifying the expected radiation patterns
The classical therapeutic applications based on ultrasound is one of the most widely and frequently used technique to treat people with pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and soft-tissue lesions.Expand
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Parametric evaluation of NDE pulsed ultrasonic responses including relevant realistic inductive and non-linear piezoelectric & electronic phenomena
Global responses (efficiency, spatial resolution and dynamic range) of piezoelectric equipment for ultrasonic NDE also depend on the related high-voltage driving-receiving electronics. But, usually,Expand
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Experimental evaluation of some narrow-band ultrasonic transducers as therapy applicators
6 pages, 5 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 43.35, 43.38.-- Communication presented at: Forum Acusticum Sevilla 2002 (Sevilla, Spain, 16-20 Sep 2002), comprising: 3rd European Congress on Acoustics; XXXIIIExpand
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Estimation du profil de vitesses d'un fluide chargé par la méthode d'inter-corrélation avec démodulation en bande de base du signal ultrasonore et interpolation par FFT
We present in this paper a velocity profile measurement algor ithm in a charged flow using pulsed ultrasonic waves. The used method is based on estimating the time difference be tween round tripExpand
Fluxmètre à ultrasons
A major concern in waste water management is the po llutant flow measurement. In the frame of a RITEAU project initiated in 2003, a flowmeter is de veloped by the IMFS, in collaboration with industriExpand
Numerical synthesis of an optimal microprobe focusing system
Abstract An electrostatic microprobe focusing system including a separated Russian quadruplet and two slits (or diaphragms) is numerically synthesized, taking into consideration all geometricalExpand
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