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Tinnitus--a study of its prevalence and characteristics.
Three thousand six hundred randomly selected adults in the city of Gothenburg (425,000 inhabitants) stratified by age and gender, were questioned by mail concerning tinnitus. We received 66% usefulExpand
Hypersensitivity to sound--questionnaire data, audiometry and classification.
This study included consecutive case histories and audiometry of 100 patients with hypersensitivity to sounds and proposed that there is a specific condition that could be termed hyperacusis, often elicited by loud sounds or by a number of other traumata or diseases. Expand
The vascular anatomy of the cochlea in the guinea pig and in man.
Hearing in classical musicians.
Hearing in Classical Musicians is studied in classical musicians to find out if hearing impairment is a problem or a feature of the performance. Expand
Hearing assessment of classical orchestral musicians
Female musicians were shown to have significantly better hearing thresholds in the high-frequency area than did male musicians, and the median pure-tone hearing thresholds for the male musicians displayed a notch configuration at 6 kHz in the left ear, similar that of to noise-induced hearing loss. Expand
Hearing in Pop/Rock Musicians: A Follow‐up Study
It seems surprising that pophock musicians after performing for 26 years have such well-preserved hearing, and there might be a protective effect by the generally positive attitude from the musicians toward their performance and their audience. Expand
Psychological and audiological correlates of perceived tinnitus severity.
The results showed that significantly more women than men complained about vertigo and the frequency of headaches was strongly correlated with the severity of tinnitus. Expand
Is there an ototraumatic interaction between noise and solvents?
It is suggested that there might be a possibility of an ototraumatic interaction between Solvents and noise, in view of the neurotoxic effects of organic solvents, and such an interaction is conceivable. Expand
Hypersensitivity to sound
This study included consecutive case histories and audiometry of 100 patients with hypersensitivity to sounds. There are several different conditions with the symptom of hypersensitivity to sounds.Expand
Tinnitus in noise-induced hearing loss.
The most common subjective discomforts were concentration difficulties, insomnia and decreased speech discrimination, and in most cases residual inhibition was limited to 60 seconds. Expand