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Lesson Study: Teachers Learning Together
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Faith in the Court: Religious Out-Groups and the Perceived Legitimacy of Judicial Decisions
A substantial amount of judicial behavior research is devoted to the impact of judges' personal preferences and attributes on their decisions. Some scholars maintain that judges' decisions are guidedExpand
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Filling Pews and Voting Booths
Declines in religious affiliation and church attendance in the United States have been well-documented, which political scientists often attribute to the prominence of the Religious Right in AmericanExpand
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The Religious Bases of Latino/a Political Participation
Politics in church may hurt religion, but it helps churches
Despite being seen by much of the world as a very religious country, religious affiliation in the US is in decline, with fewer Americans now likely to attend church. In new research, Andre P. AudetteExpand
With Evan Bayh’s surprise entry, Indiana’s Senate race hasturned from red to purple overnight
In a traditionally Republican-leaning state, former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh’s bid to get his old job back now means that Indiana may be competitive for the Democrats in the Hoosier’ State’s USExpand
The Indiana primary was the crossroads of the 2016 election
Tuesday saw New York billionaire Donald Trump win Indiana’s presidential primary, and his rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspend their campaigns. Trump now has a clear path to the RepublicanExpand