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Weights restrictions and value judgements in Data Envelopment Analysis: Evolution, development and future directions
This paper provides a review of the evolution, development and future research directions on the use of weights restrictions and value judgements in Data Envelopment Analysis. The paper argues thatExpand
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Customer Satisfaction Cues To Support Market Segmentation and Explain Switching Behavior
Abstract In this paper, customer satisfaction cues in retail banking services in Greece are examined. The study proposes an instrument of customer satisfaction that contains service quality and suchExpand
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Assessing the Comparative Efficiency of Higher Education Institutions in the UK by the Means of Data Envelopment Analysis
In this paper, we examine the comparative of higher education institutions in the UK. The governmental inititatives of the decade within this sector have given emphasis to issues of accountability,Expand
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Goal programming & data envelopment analysis (GoDEA) for target-based multi-level planning: Allocating central grants to the Greek local authorities
Abstract In this paper we develop an interface between Goal programming and Data Envelopment Analysis (GoDEA) in order to integrate target setting and resource allocation in multi-level planningExpand
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Service quality and operating efficiency synergies for management control in the provision of financial services: Evidence from Greek bank branches
Abstract In this paper we concentrate on the assessment of the productive efficiency of bank branches. Bank branch operations are characterised by the effort made by management to pursue the banks'Expand
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A Comparison of Data Envelopment Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks as Tools for Assessing the Efficiency of Decision Making Units
This paper is concerned with the comparison of two popular non-parametric methodologies—data envelopment analysis and artificial neural networks—as tools for assessing performance. Data envelopmentExpand
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The Use of Data Envelopment Analysis in Banking Institutions: Evidence from the Commercial Bank of Greece
Since 1988, the Commercial Bank of Greece (CBG) has instituted performance measurement systems for bank branches using data envelopment analysis (DEA). This is the first application of DEA in GreeceExpand
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Assessing the technical and allocative efficiency of hospital operations in Greece and its resource allocation implications
Abstract In this paper, we seek to develop a research framework concerning the assessment of the efficiency of public sector hospital operations. Public hospitals are increasingly under pressure toExpand
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Assessing Aggregate Cost Efficiency And The Related Policy Implications For Greek Local Municipalities
AbstractThe assessment of local government performance is a major issue for a number of industrial countries since local municipalities are assuming increasingly more responsibility in terms ofExpand
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The ability of telecommunication operators to focus successfully on the customer has proven to be one of the most competitive issues toward the end of the 20th century. The services managementExpand
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