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Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus with early onset in Blacks and Indians.
Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) with onset below 35 years of age was studies in 43 Indian and 9 Black patients. NIDDM was diagnosed in 10.0% and 1.6% of diabetes in the respectiveExpand
The insulin and glucose response to an oral glucose load in non-insulin-dependent diabetes in the young.
Non-insulin-dependent diabetes with age of onset under 35 years was studied in 85 Indian patients eighty-one per cent of the group were females, the mean age of onset of diabetes was 27 years whileExpand
Diabetic heart disease.
The fact that a significant proportion of diabetics die of heart disease has led to the belief that the excess mortality is due to coronary athersclerosis, yet many risk factors for the latter areExpand
Islet cell antibodies and other autoantibodies in South African blacks and indians with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM).
The presence or absence of islet cell antibodies and other autoantibodies was determined in 47 African and 34 Indian patients with IDDM and 37 controls. Islet cell antibodies (ICA-IgG) were found inExpand
HLA antigens and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in young South African Indians.
HLA, A, B and C antigens were determined in 84 South African Indian patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) in whom age of onset was under 35 years and in 760 healthy IndianExpand
C-peptide response to glucagon in black and Indian insulin-dependent diabetics.
  • M. Omar, A. Asmal
  • Medicine
  • South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse…
  • 1982
Residual beta cell function was estimated in 35 young diabetic patients (25 Blacks and 10 Indians) and 22 controls by means of C-peptide assays using glucagon as a provocative agent. The basalExpand
Carbohydrate tolerance, plasma insulin, growth hormone and lipid levels in Indian and Black diabetics.
  • A. Asmal, W. Leary
  • Medicine
  • South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse…
  • 1975
Glucose tolerance tests were carried out on 35 recently discovered Indian and Black maturity-onset diabetic patients. Differences were found between the two ethnic groups although they were ofExpand
Enhanced release of a 'prostacyclin-like' substance from aortic strips of spontaneously hypertensive rats.
The release of an endogenous 'prostacyclin-like' substance from aortic strips of 8 male Wistar rats of the New Zealand genetically hypertensive strain (GH) was compared with that of 8 weight, age andExpand
Enhanced release of 'PGI2-like' substance in experimental hypertension.
Respiratory effects of acebutolol hydrochloride.