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Phenacyl group containing amide derivative of dehydroabietylamine exhibiting enhanced cytotoxic activity against PLC and MCF7 cancer cell lines
New amide derivatives of (+)-dehydroabietylamine, tricyclic abietane diterpene amine, were prepared using Zhongping’s protocol. (+)-N-(2-phenyl-acetyl)-dehydroabietylamine derivative (11)
Synthesis and bio-molecular study of (+)-N-Acetyl-α-amino acid dehydroabietylamine derivative for the selective therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma
It is concluded that a novel DAAD2 with IC50 values less than 8 μM can induce massive cell attenuation following caspase dependent apoptotic cell death in Hep3B cells.
Synthesis of Hydantoins, Thiohydantoins, and Glycocyamidines Under Solvent-Free Conditions
Hydantoins, thiohydantoins, and glycocyamidines have been prepared in moderate to excellent yields at room temperature under solvent-free conditions. 3N-amino and carboamide derivatives of hydantoin
Synthesis of Supramolecular Organogels Derived from Urea and Bisurea Derivatives of Dehydroabietylamine
Abstract The gelation ability of diterpenes was investigated by applying aromatic linker steroid strategy. Four new mono (1) and bis-urea (2–4) derivatives of dehydroabietylamine (DAA) (a tricyclic
Synthesis and characterization of amino acid conjugates of oleanolic acid and their in vitro cytotoxic effect on HCC cell lines.
Cytotoxic effects revealed that as compare to parent compound (OA-01), two derivatives OA-04 and OA -06 showed significantly increased/higher inhibition rates, and four known and two new C-28 amino acid conjugates of oleanolic acid were prepared to explore potential of these compounds on HCCs and one breast cancer cell line.
Comparative evaluation of in vitro cytotoxic effects among parent abietyl alcohol and novel fatty acid ester derivatives against MCF7 and hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines.
Synthesis of twelve hitherto unreported esters of abietyl alcohol and screening of these esters against four cancer cell lines including one breast cancer line MCF7 and four hepatocellular carcinoma