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Fast Dissolving Oral Films: An Innovative Drug Delivery System and Dosage Form
Fast-dissolving drug-delivery systems were first developed in the late 1970s as an alternative to tablets, capsules, and syrups for pediatric and geriatric patients who experience difficultiesExpand
Tropical fruits : diseases and pests
Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Spores Present in the Rhizospheric Soil of Four Different Grasses in Gujarat, India
Analysis of AM spores resulted in identification of different species belonging to three genera i.e. Glomus, Gigaspora, and Acaulospora, which helps in uptake of P as well as other minerals, maintain better water balance, increase plant biomass and produce growth promoting substances. Expand
Delignification of Valuable Timbers decayed by India Lignicolous fungi
Wood degrading capacity of lignicolous fungi was studied by decay test. In which two methods were followed, i) wood chips method ii) wood block method. Eight timbers infected by six fungi wereExpand
Microdialysis study of zidovudine (AZT) transport in rat brain.
The results imply that AZT is actively transported out of the brain parenchyma to the microvasculature and that this active transport mechanism is responsible for the limited central nervous system penetration of systemically administered AZT, in spite of its high lipid solubility. Expand
Pharmaceutical evaluation and dynamic vapor sorption studies of fast dissolving intraoral films of Loratadine
Analysis of model independent parameters identified PF2 as the best formulation that was nine times superior in its dissolution efficiency to Lorafast tablets®. Expand
Management of fungal plant pathogens.
A review of the fungal diseases of the annual legume crop of fenugreek and their impact on wheat production in Argentina and the role of fungal endophytes in plant protection. Expand