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Secondary mould metabolites of Cladosporium tenuissimum, a hyperparasite of rust fungi.
Cladosporols 1-5 were active in inhibiting the urediniospore germination of the bean rust agent Uromyces appendiculatus. Expand
Secondary Mould Metabolites. Part 16. Stemphyltoxins, New Reduced Perylenequinone Metabolites from Stemphylium botryosum var. Lactucum.
The structures of five new metabolites, stemphyltoxins (I)-(IV) [(Ia)-(Ic), (II)] and stemphyperylenol (III), are elucidated by analysis of their 1H and 13C NMR spectra [the relative configuration ofExpand
Secondary mould metabolites. Part 16. Stemphyltoxins, new reduced perylenequinone metabolites from Stemphylium botryosum var. Lactucum
The structure and stereochemistry of Stemphyltoxins I–IV (1)–(4), four epoxy derivatives of reduced perylenequinones isolated from the fungus Stemphylium botryosum var. Lactucum, have beenExpand
Secondary mould metabolites. Part 13. Fungal perylenequinones: phleichrome, isophleichrome, and their endoperoxides
The helix-shaped, fungal pigment phleichrome has been isomerized to isophleichrome. The axial chirality and absolute configuration of the side-chain carbons of both perylenequinones have beenExpand
Secondary mould metabolites. Part 47. Isolation and structure elucidation of clavilactones A–C, new metabolites from the fungus Clitocybe clavipes
Clavilactones A–C (1, 4 and 5) have been isolated from cultures of the Basidiomycetous fungus Clitocybe clavipes. Their structures and relative configurations have been deduced from 1H and 13C NMRExpand
Perylenequinones from cucumber seedlings infected with Cladosporium cucumerinum
Abstract The structure of cladochrome A, a perylenequinone pigment isolated from etiolated cucumber seedlings infected with fungal spores of Cladosporium cucumerinum, has been revised and establishedExpand
Secondary Mould Metabolites, LII. Structure Elucidation of Diatretol – A New Diketopiperazine Metabolite from the Fungus Clitocybe diatreta†
In the culture broth of the fungus Clitocybe diatreta a novel diketopiperazine metabolite, diatretol (1), was detected by chemical screening. The structure was established on the basis of 1H- andExpand
Comparative evaluation of photodynamic efficiency of some natural quinonoid fungal toxins
Abstract A scale of photodynamic efficiency of some quinonoid fungal metabolises measured in vitro as amount of hydroperoxides produced by methyl oleate est