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The Multifractal Formalism Revisited with Wavelets
It is shown that this method provides a natural generalization of the classical box-counting techniques to fractal functions (the wavelets actually play the role of “generalized boxes”).
Singularity spectrum of fractal signals from wavelet analysis: Exact results
The multifractal formalism for singular measures is revisited using the wavelet transform. For Bernoulli invariant measures of some expanding Markov maps, the generalized fractal dimensions are
The Spatiotemporal Program of DNA Replication Is Associated with Specific Combinations of Chromatin Marks in Human Cells
The analysis of associations with chromatin marks at different timing of cell division revealed new potential epigenetic regulators driving the spatiotemporal activity of replication origins, and shed a new light on the key role of CpG islands, by showing that 80% of the origins associated with CGIs are constitutive.
Random cascades on wavelet dyadic trees
We introduce a new class of random fractal functions using the orthogonal wavelet transform. These functions are built recursively in the space-scale half-plane of the orthogonal wavelet transform,
Evidence for Sequential and Increasing Activation of Replication Origins along Replication Timing Gradients in the Human Genome
A quantitative genome-wide analysis of DNA replication kinetics in several human cell types that contradicts the view that mammalian chromosomes consist of megabase-scale domains of coordinated origin firing separated by large originless transition regions and sheds a new light on the replication timing program of mammalian genomes.
Impact of replication timing on non-CpG and CpG substitution rates in mammalian genomes.
Results in the mouse indicate that replication timing is a main factor affecting nucleotide substitution dynamics at non-CpG sites and constitutes a major neutral process driving mammalian genome evolution.
In vivo analysis of local wall stiffness at the shoot apical meristem in Arabidopsis using atomic force microscopy.
Results demonstrate the existence of a multiscale spatialization of the mechanical properties of the meristem surface, in addition to the previously established molecular and cytological zonation of the SAM, correlating with regional growth rate distribution.
A wavelet-based method for multifractal image analysis. I. Methodology and test applications on isotropic and anisotropic random rough surfaces
Abstract:We generalize the so-called wavelet transform modulus maxima (WTMM) method to multifractal image analysis. We show that the implementation of this method provides very efficient numerical
Replication-associated strand asymmetries in mammalian genomes: toward detection of replication origins.
It is proposed that in mammalian cells, replication termination sites are randomly distributed between adjacent origins, a step toward genome-wide studies of replication mechanisms.