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HRD challenges when faced by disengaged UK workers
Purpose – This paper seeks to consider employees' perceptions of engagement from their lived experiences of UK employees following the global credit crisis, post 2008. It draws from the prior studiesExpand
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From sentimentalism towards a critical HRD pedagogy
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to propose an approach for the teaching and delivery of HRD practices, professional skills and theory that challenges the modernist orthodoxy of contemporaryExpand
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Working Relationships and Outcomes in Multidisciplinary Collaborative Practice Settings
A multidisciplinary research team of academics and community practitioner partners worked together to design and conduct an investigation into the purposes, processes, and outcomes ofExpand
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Critical Pedagogy and Learning to Dialogue: Towards Reflexive Practice for Financial Management and Accounting Education.
Mainstream accounting historians study accounting in terms of its progressive development of instrumental techniques and practices, this being counterpoised to critical accounting that sees the worldExpand
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Supervisory power and postgraduate supervision
The supervision of postgraduate Master's Degree dissertations has attracted little attention in the academic literature and is an under researched area of supervisory activity. This research was a Expand
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The use of personal narratives to improve organisational life
Andy Armitage and Alan Thornton carried out a piece of research where they used their own experience of university life as data, and created an on-going narrative between themselves as a source ofExpand
High Performance Working-What Are the Perceptions as a New Form of Employer-Worker Relationship?
Being in a high performance work organisation is associated with higher job satisfaction. Historically, team work and job rotation, as well as supporting human resource practices, appear to have hadExpand
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Learning to dialogue: towards a critical pedagogy for public finance and accounting management practice
Critical accounting sees the world as socially constructed and intrinsically linked to organisational, social and political contexts. Whereas mainstream accounting historians study accountingExpand
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Lost Vision: Children and the Ministry for Children and Families
COMMENTARY (pg: 109-14) by Richard Sullivan COMMENTARY (pg: 114-9) by Kelly A. MacDonald REPLY (pg: 120-2) by Andrew Armitage
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