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Money in Nigeria Market Driven Economy: Iron, the Antecedent to Paper Money
The concept of inflation is a global phenomenon that is strictly money based, and which has been defined by economist as too much money chasing too few goods. However, considering that theExpand
The snakes of Osun Grove: a world heritage site in Osogbo, Nigeria.
The Osun Grove, Osogbo, Nigeria, is a protected area covered by riparian forest, dry high forest and derived savanna. In January and June 2000 a total of 25 of snake species were recorded withExpand
Early Child Entrepreneurship Development
The Book Focuses on The Novel, Informal, Apprenticeship Mode of Training Children From Tender Age in The Arts of Entrepreneurship with Particular Reference to Ilorin, The Capital of Kwara State, inExpand
Ankara Kampala: Property Rights as Revamps for the Adire Indigenous Knowledge
Adire the textile art tradition of the Yoruba is a product of indigenous knowledge which has become a ubiquitous part of the socio- cultural landscape of Southwestern Nigeria. Though its origin isExpand
Early Child Entrepreneurship Development:A Paradigmatic Approach to Unemployment Challenges
This study was carried out to investigate the impact of school children entrepreneurship development programme on unemployment. It was aimed at identifying the factors that culminated to this form ofExpand
Women Involvement in Hand-Made Pottery and Marketing Concept Strategy
Hand-made pottery also called traditional pottery is one of the oldest vocations in Nigeria. Unlike other traditional vocations, it has survived competitions arising from modernization of theExpand
The study evaluated the application of product concept in selected banks in Nigeria. It aimed at determining the impact of image, values and perception of bank products/services to customers andExpand