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Neotropical osmylids (Neuroptera, Osmylidae): Three new species of Isostenosmylus Krüger, 1913, new distributional records, redescriptions, checklist and key for the Neotropical species.
This study describes three new species of Osmylidae, a small family of Neuroptera with a worldwide distribution, and new records of known species are reported and a distribution map is presented.
First record of Osmylidae (Neuroptera) from Colombia and description of two new species of Isostenosmylus Krüger, 1913.
The family Osmylidae is recorded for the first time in Colombia, extending its known distribution range to the north of South America in the northern Andes. Two new species of the genus
The Megaloptera (Insecta: Neuropterida) of Colombia
The knowledge of Megaloptera (Neuropterida) fauna of Colombia is updated and it was determined that 18 species grouped into three genera and two families are recognized to occur in the country.
Mantidflies of Colombia (Neuroptera, Mantispidae).
It is determined that 20 nominal species plus four proposed as new to science, in ten genera and three subfamilies occur in Colombia, and Anchieta remipes (Gerstaecker) is newly transferred to this genus from Trichoscelia.
Bionomics and Ecological Services of Megaloptera Larvae (Dobsonflies, Fishflies, Alderflies)
The anatomy, physiology, and behavior of megalopteran larvae are specialized for an aquatic predatory habit, yet their ecological significance might still be underappreciated, as their role in food webs of benthic communities of many temperate and tropical streams and rivers is still understudied and largely unquantified.
New species and new distributional records of Neotropical Mantispidae (Insecta: Neuroptera).
The known species richness of Mantispidae from Colombia increases from 21 to 26, and from 16 to 19 species in Panama, and the known names of three new species are described.
Four new species of Plega Navás, 1928 (Neuroptera: Mantispidae) from Mexico.
Four new species of Plega Navás, 1928 (Mantispidae: Symphrasinae) from Mexico are herein described and illustrated, namely P. mixteca sp. n. from Oaxaca and Jalisco, P. stangei sp. n. from Morelos
Lance lacewings of the world (Neuroptera: Archeosmylidae, Osmylidae, Saucrosmylidae): review of living and fossil genera.
A key to living Osmylidae genera of the world is presented and each genus is diagnosed and figured with a checklist of species included for each.
Comparative morphology of extant raptorial Mantispoidea (Neuroptera: Mantispidae, Rhachiberothidae) suggests a non-monophyletic Mantispidae and a single origin of the raptorial condition within the
Raptorial condition probably evolved a single time in these insects and subsequently became diversified in the two sister clades of the raptorial Mantispoidea, and a sister group relationship between the family Rhachiberothidae and Symphrasinae is supported.
Neotropical Osmylidae larvae (Insecta, Neuroptera): description of habitats and morphology
The first key to identification of Neotropical Osmylidae larvae is provided, based on third-instar larvae of both species.