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Comparison of Ray-Tracing Packages for Troposphere Delays
Good agreement is found between the ray-traced slant factors from the different solutions at 5° elevation if determined from the same pressure level data of the ECMWF. Expand
Ray‐traced tropospheric delays in VLBI analysis
[1] We develop a ray-tracing package for the calculation of path delays of microwave signals in the troposphere based on numerical weather models which we use for the determination of the delays ofExpand
Ellipsoidal geoidal undulations (ellipsoidal Bruns formula): case studies
Abstract. The Bruns formula is presented in its nonlinear form for any type of reference fields and reference equipotential surfaces. The classical Bruns formula is derived from the reference fieldExpand
An overdetermined geodetic boundary value problem approach to telluroid and quasi-geoid computations
In this paper an overdetermined Geodetic Boundary Value Problem (GBVP) approach for telluroid and quasi-geoid computations is presented. The presented GBVP approach can solve the problem of potentialExpand
A general weighted total Kalman filter algorithm with numerical evaluation
An applicable algorithm for Total Kalman Filter (TKF) approach is proposed. Meanwhile, we extend it to the case in which we can consider arbitrary weight matrixes for the observation vector, theExpand
Molodensky potential telluroid based on a minimum-distance map. Case study: the quasi-geoid of East Germany in the World Geodetic Datum 2000
Abstract. A potential-type Molodensky telluroid based upon a minimum-distance mapping is derived. With respect to a reference potential of Somigliana–Pizzetti type which relates to the World GeodeticExpand
Adjustment of non-typical errors-in-variables models
In this contribution, non-typical errors-in-variables (EIV) model is introduced as a more general form of the so-called EIV model which is highly relevant for geodetic data processing. TotalExpand
A new ellipsoidal gravimetric, satellite altimetry and astronomic boundary value problem, a case study: The geoid of Iran
Abstract A new gravimetric, satellite altimetry, astronomical ellipsoidal boundary value problem for geoid computations has been developed and successfully tested. This boundary value problem hasExpand
Somigliana–Pizzetti gravity: the international gravity formula accurate to the sub-nanoGal level
Abstract. The Somigliana–Pizzetti gravity field (the International gravity formula), namely the gravity field of the level ellipsoid (the International Reference Ellipsoid), is derived to theExpand
National height datum, the Gauss–Listing geoid level value w0 and its time variation 0 (Baltic Sea Level Project: epochs 1990.8, 1993.8, 1997.4)
Abstract. A methodology for precise determination of the fundamental geodetic parameter w0, the potential value of the Gauss–Listing geoid, as well as its time derivative 0, is presented. The methodExpand