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Machine Learning Algorithms for Breast Cancer CADx System in the Mammography
This paper is proposing two CADx systems for breast cancer in mammographic datasets that compromise between efficiency, speed, and cost and utilizes the nonlinear support vector machines for classification.
A self learned invasive weed-mixed biogeography based optimization algorithm for RFID network planning
A Self Learning (SL) strategy with a mixed BBO Migration (MBBOM) operation to modify the HIW-BBO algorithm in an algorithm called Self Learned Invasive Weed-Mixed Biogeography based optimization (SLIWMBBO) that is compared to the Self Adaptive Cuckoo Search optimization algorithms.
A Zernike Moment Method for Pulse Shape Discrimination in PMT-Based PET Detectors
This paper investigates a new pulse shape discrimination method (PSD) method based on Zernike moment (ZM). This method is applied to get the depth of interaction (DOI) information of scintillation
FFT- and DWT-based FPGA realization of pulse shape discrimination in PET system
This paper evaluates two recent PSD algorithms due to their discrimination performance of two different pulses types, based on the Fast Fourier Transform and the discrete wavelet transform.
Biogeography Based Optimization Algorithm for Efficient RFID Reader Deployment
The placement solution of RFID readers is offered via the square grid system and the optimal number of deployed readers is achieved and guaranteed full area coverage and the further level of superiority over the previous compared solutions of RRDP with satisfying the deployment objectives is verified.
A Real-Time Scintillation Crystal Identification Method and Its FPGA Implementation
  • A. Arafa, H. Saleh
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
  • 6 August 2014
The main idea of this paper is the complexity reduction of the ZM-based CI method and using a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier to comply with the rate of real-time PET scanners.
Investigation of different wavelets for pulse shape discrimination of LSO and LuYAP scintillators in positron emission tomography
Wavelets based pulse shape discrimination (PSD) were investigated in order to find a best practical wavelets family of distinguishing two different pulses types recorded from LSO and LuYAP crystals.
Enhanced ALOHA-Based Anti-Collision Algorithm for Efficien RFID Tags Identification
The proposed algorithm resolves the collision problem by querying the collided slots only while excluding the idle slots from subsequent processing, and using different methods for estimating the backlog number as means for adjusting the frame length.