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Odontogenic tumors: clinical and pathology study of 238 cases.
UNLABELLED Odontogenic tumors are neoplasms that develops exclusively in the gnathic bones; they originate from odontogenic tissues, by epithelial or mesenchymal proliferation, or both. AIM ToExpand
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Odontogenic cysts: a clinicopathological study of 507 cases.
The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of odontogenic cysts at the Pernambuco School of Dentistry - Universidade de Pernambuco (Brazil) and compare this prevalence with otherExpand
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Granuloma piogênico oral: um estudo epidemiológico de 191 casos
Objectives : To evaluate the prevalence of pyogenic granuloma and compare the data obtained with those of other reports in the world literature. Methods : The study material was surveyed from theExpand
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Effect of two routes of administration of dexamethasone on pain, edema, and trismus in impacted lower third molar surgery
PurposeThe aim of the present study was to compare pain, edema, and trismus in the postoperative period following third molar surgery using 8 mg of dexamethasone administered either orally or throughExpand
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Adaptações do sistema estomatognático em indivíduos com desproporções maxilo-mandibulares: revisão da literatura
This research had the aim to identify adaptations on the stomatognathic system of individuals with maxillomandibular disproportions. The literature review was carried out using national andExpand
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Use of zoledronic acid in the treatment of Gorham's disease.
Gorham's disease (Gorham-Stout syndrome) is a rare condition of unknown etiology involving a localized endothelial proliferation of lymph vessels resulting in destruction with bone resorption. TheExpand
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Oral and maxillofacial myiasis: a case series and literature review.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to describe a series of 10 cases of oral-maxillofacial myiasis, discussing its main features, demographic distribution, and treatment aspects. STUDY DESIGN AExpand
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Treatment of zygomatic arch fracture with lag screws.
Zygomatic arch fractures often occur as part of a zygoma fracture or Le Fort type III fractures of the maxillary. Isolated fractures of the zygomatic arch comprise around 10% of all zygoma fractures.Expand
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Estudo retrospectivo e revisão de literatura dos tumores dos lábios: experiência de 28 anos Lips' tumors retrospective study and literature review: a twenty-eight-year experience
The tumors of the lips are about 15% of all head and neck neoplasms, and 25 to 30% of all oral cavity tumors. It also corresponds to 20% and malignant tumors of the respiratory and high digestiveExpand
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Comparisons between Bio-Oss(®) and Straumann(®) Bone Ceramic in immediate and staged implant placement in dogs mandible bone defects.
OBJECTIVE To compare immediate and staged approach implant placement in circumferential defects treated with deproteinized bovine bone mineral (DBBM); hidroxyapatite/tricalcium phosphate (HA/TP);Expand
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