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The causes of land-use and land-cover change: moving beyond the myths
Common understanding of the causes of land-use and land-cover change is dominated by simplifications which, in turn, underlie many environment-development policies. This article tracks some of theExpand
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Forest transitions: towards a global understanding of land use change
Places experience forest transitions when declines in forest cover cease and recoveries in forest cover begin. Forest transitions have occurred in two, sometimes overlapping circumstances. In someExpand
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Rethinking the causes of deforestation: lessons from economic models.
Concern is rising over the deleterious effects of tropical deforestation. For example, the loss of forest cover influences the climate and reduces biodiversity, while reduced timber supplies,Expand
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Exploring the forest–poverty link: key concepts, issues and research implications
This paper provides a global review of the link from forests to poverty alleviation. Definitions are clarified and the key concepts and indicators related to livelihoods and policy reduction andExpand
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Livelihoods, forests, and conservation in developing countries: an overview
In the growing literature at the interface of rural livelihood improvement and conservation of natural forests, two overarching issues stand out: (1) How and to what extent use of forest resources doExpand
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Environmental Income and Rural Livelihoods: A Global-Comparative Analysis
Summary This paper presents results from a comparative analysis of environmental income from approximately 8000 households in 24 developing countries collected by research partners in CIFOR’s PovertyExpand
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Economic models of tropical deforestation: a review.
As international concern over tropical deforestation has grown over the last ten years, researchers have sought to understand the causes of deforestation and possible solutions using quantitativeExpand
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An assessment of deforestation and forest degradation drivers in developing countries
Countries are encouraged to identify drivers of deforestation and forest degradation in the development of national strategies and action plans for REDDC. In this letter we provide an assessment ofExpand
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Realising Redd+: National strategy and policy options
Performance-based payments are key, yet limited. Payments based on performance directly incentivise and compensate forest owners and users. But schemes such as payments for environmental servicesExpand
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Moving ahead with REDD: issues, options and implications
Eited by A ild A nelsen Moving Ahead with REDD Issues, Options and Implications Mving Aead ith REDD Isues, O pions nd Im plitions REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation)Expand
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