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Unusual anomeric rearrangement of para-nitrobenzoylxanthate d-glycosides: a new direct stereoselective access to α-thioglycosides from pyranose sugars
Abstract A mild and general procedure for the synthesis of α-thioglycosides from glycopyranoses is described. The method involves the treatment of pyranose reductive sugar with sodium hydride, carbonExpand
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Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 4′-C,3′-O-Propylene-Linked Bicyclic Nucleosides
A set of pyrimidine nucleosides fused with a 4′-C,3′-O-propylene bridge was successfully synthesised in 12 steps from 1,2:5,6-di-O-isopropylidene-α-D-glucofuranose, an inexpensive starting material,Expand
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ABSTRACT The syntheses of thiazinone, thiazinedione and thiazolinone base modified nucleoside analogues have been discussed in both the deoxy- and ribosyl series. Both inter- and intramolecularExpand
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Synthesis of nucleoside analogs and new Tat protein inhibitors
Two studies, concerning the synthesis of original nucleoside analogs regarded as an application of heterochemistry on thiaazaheterocycle systems from thiaazabutadienes are discussed. The preparationExpand
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Synthesis of Carbon E,E-DieneChain-Linked Dinucleotide Analogues
The synthesis of a dinucleotide thymidine―thymidine linked by a carbon E,E-diene chain is described. This dimer is synthesized by a coupling reaction between an (E)-vinylstannane and an (E)-iodovinylExpand
Synthesis of Thiaazaheterocycle Nucleoside Analogues.