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[Reproduction in monkeys of non-A, non-B hepatitis transmitted via the fecal and oral routes].
The paper presents the results of experimental infection of monkeys with virus-containing specimens from a patient with fecal-oral non-A-non-B hepatitis; the study was aimed at the determination ofExpand
[Spontaneous hepatitis similar to hepatitis A in African green monkeys].
Circulation of a virus similar to human hepatitis A virus by antigenic and some other properties was observed among African green monkeys imported from their natural habitats. In some of the monkeysExpand
[The results of serological research to determine hepatitis A and B markers in the blood sera of the population of the Republic of Guinea].
The results of examinations of sera from apparently normal urban and rural residents of the Guinea Republic (GR) for markers of viral hepatitis A (anti-HAV) and B (HBsAg) are presented. The number ofExpand
[Spontaneous hepatitis A with a fatal outcome in rhesus monkeys].
This is the first report of virologically verified spontaneous hepatitis A in M. rhesus monkeys with severe involvement of the liver leading to the death of the animals. In 21 out of 23 dead monkeysExpand
[Signs of natural infection with hepatitis A in brown macaques (Macaca arctoides)].
The results of examinations of stump-tailed monkeys (M. arctoides) held in captivity are presented. The presence and levels of anti-HAV and anti-HAV class M in the blood sera of monkeys wereExpand
[Epizootic hepatitis A among African green monkeys kept in a vivarium].
The results of observations on the pattern of spread of hepatitis A virus and immune response to it in African green monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) kept in the animal house are presented. TheExpand
[Study of human and simian hepatitis A virus isolated by an immunoenzyme method using polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies].
Hepatitis A viruses (HAV) isolated from man and Old World monkeys varied in their interaction with monoclonal antibodies (MCA) in enzyme immunoassay. All human HAV isolates reacted with the MCA underExpand
[Adaptation of hepatitis A virus strain (JaM-55) originally pathogenic for monkeys to a cell culture].
The results of adaptation of hepatitis A viral strain JaM-55 to the culture of embryo kidney cells FRhk-4 from macaque Rhesus are presented. The viral strain was isolated from a M. fascicularisExpand
[Development of an infection in monkeys as a result of their sequential natural and experimental exposure to the hepatitis A virus].
The development of spontaneous outbreak of hepatitis A (HA) among African green monkeys kept under strict isolation conditions was studied. It was shown that in the case of introduction of HAV theExpand
[Current methods of detecting the hepatitis A virus and its antibodies].