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Straight discharge tubes with both porcelain and metal walls were used in experiments with pulse discharges in gases. The discharge was produced in hydrogen, deuterium, and some other gases in a wideExpand
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Iodine-containing complexes of the Black Sea algaPhyllophora nervosa
Iodine-containing complexes have been isolated from a Black Sea red alga. Information is given showing their carbohydrate nature. The causes of the hydrophobic peptide-peptide interaction in theExpand
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Praseodymium β-diketonates and luminescence properties of their solutions
The luminescence intensity of Pr(III) in a series of complexes with alkyl and thienyl fluoroacetylacetone derivatives has been shown to increase not only with an increase in the length of theExpand
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Production of Megagauss Magnetic Fields by Compression of a Magnetic Flux with a Metallic Liner
In the paper results are presented on experimental studies of dynamics and stability of cylindrical liner compression with the purpose to produce magnetic fields in the megagauss range.
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Sensitization of the 4f-Luminescence of Terbium with Copper Ions and Its Analytical Application
The intense sensitization of terbium luminescence with copper(II) ions was observed in the Tb–Cu mixed-metal complex of 1.5-bis(2-hydrazinocarbophenoxy)-3-oxapentane (HCPhO) with the ratio Tb : Cu :Expand
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An investigation of high-current pulsed discharges
Abstract High-power pulsed discharges with a high rate of current increase have been investigated experimentally. The technique is briefly outlined, and the pulsations of the plasma filament areExpand
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Penetrating radiation from pulse discharges
We present the results of an investigation of the neutron radiation detected in pulse discharges in deuterium, as well as some data on the penetrating X-ray radiation that arises in such dischargesExpand
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Interferometry of Dense Plasma Flows
Abstract : The paper discusses results of interferometric measurements of the distribution of the electron concentration in a plasma flow obtained by means of an electromagnetic plasma acceleratorExpand