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Local Welfare Systems: A Challenge for Social Cohesion
In recent decades, local welfare systems have been emerging in many Western countries as a consequence of bottom–up and top–down transformative pressures. Local welfare systems are defined as dynamicExpand
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Globalised Minds, Roots in the City: Urban Upper-middle Classes in Europe
Globalised Minds, Roots in the City utilises empirical evidence from four European cities to explore the role of urban upper middle classes in the transformations experienced by contemporary EuropeanExpand
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Does a Southern European Model Exist?
Introduction In the comparative literature on welfare systems1, South European countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece) have been considered part of the conservative corporative model (EspingExpand
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Participation in the Sharing Economy
Report from the EU H2020 Research Project Ps2Share: Participation, Privacy, and Power in the Sharing Economy
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Coping strategies in a wealthy city of northern Italy
The article focuses on the coping strategies of three categories of people usually considered to be at risk of becoming socially excluded - single mothers with minor children, long-term unemployedExpand
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Local welfare systems in Europe and the economic crisis
The tendency towards the diffusion of more localised welfare provision is part of the wider post-industrial transformation and challenges the citizenship protection system that developed during theExpand
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European Perspectives on Participation in the Sharing Economy
This report presents results of a large-scale quantitative survey of European citizens on the topic of participation in the sharing economy. Based on a model of divides in sharing participation, itExpand
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The challenge of researching “partial exit” and “rootedness” among upper-middle classes in European cities
ABSTRACT The rise of mobilities has paved the way for important changes within cities and the possibility for urban upper-middle classes to exit from their cities and national societies, disinvestingExpand
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Millennials and the Sharing Economy: European Perspectives
In the last years, the sharing economy has emerged as an alternative to traditional exchanges, introducing the idea that users can grant other users temporary access to their goods and services forExpand
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Female employment and the economic crisis
ABSTRACT One of the characteristics of the Italian peninsula is a sharp North-South gradient on many economic and labour market variables. This gradient is particularly marked in relation to femaleExpand
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