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Prodigious Birds: Moas and Moa-Hunting in Prehistoric New Zealand
Preface 1. Introduction Part I. Discovery and Biology of Moas: 2. Discovery 3. Systematics 4. Origins and development 5. Morphology and behaviour 6. Maori traditions Part II. Moa-Hunting, ProcessingExpand
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Phylogeny and ancient DNA of Sus provides insights into neolithic expansion in Island Southeast Asia and Oceania
Human settlement of Oceania marked the culmination of a global colonization process that began when humans first left Africa at least 90,000 years ago. The precise origins and dispersal routes of theExpand
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Faunal collapse, landscape change and settlement history in Remote Oceania
Substantial anthropogenic environmental change occurred in Remote Oceania following the first arrival of people at 3000 BP and their spread throughout the region by 700 BP. It included numerousExpand
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The Welcome of Strangers: An Ethnohistory of Southern Maori A.d. 1650-1850
Two hundred years ago, Maori in the south of New Zealand had a lifestyle quite distinct from their northern cousins, and different experiences of contact with Europeans. This book provides an insightExpand
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Late colonization of East Polynesia
In a recent A NTIQUITY article (65: 767–95) Atholl Anderson presented a detailed analysis of radiocarbon dates to show that the settlement of New Zealand occurred later than previously thought. InExpand
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Dating the first New Zealanders: the chronology of Wairau Bar
The first colonization of New Zealand is a much debated issue. The lack of appropriate absolute dating has meant chronology has been poorly understood. New 14C dating of materials from archaicExpand
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Prehistoric maritime migration in the Pacific islands: an hypothesis of ENSO forcing
Long-distance human migration across the Pacific Ocean occurred during the late Holocene and originated almost entirely in the west. As prevailing tradewinds blow from the east, the mechanisms ofExpand
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A universal equation to predict methane production of forage-fed cattle in Australia
The methods for estimating methane emissions from cattle as used in the Australian national inventory are based on older data that have now been superseded by a large amount of more recent data.Expand
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