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Questioning security devices: Performativity, resistance, politics
This special issue proposes an analytics of devices to examine the performative and political effects of security devices. Expand
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Towards a ‘new’ political anatomy of financial surveillance
This article examines dynamics of financial surveillance and risk-based regulation in the context of ongoing activities to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Close analysis of theExpand
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The Great (Data) Bank Robbery: Terrorist Finance Tracking Program and the 'Swift Affair'
The present paper examines current dynamics of surveillance regarding the fight against “terrorism” and its financing. Close analysis of the so-called “SWIFT Affair” and the US terrorist financeExpand
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While critical academic studies on financial surveillance blossom, they hardly pay attention to the critical capability of those who are involved in the implementation ofExpand
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The cross-colonization of finance and security through lists: Banking policing in the UK and India
Targeted financial sanctions regimes and regulations on ‘dirty money’ put banks on the front line in securing financial circulation. This is the context in which banking actors face the challenge ofExpand
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Anthony Amicelle is a doctoral candidate in political science (international relations) at Sciences Po Paris/Centre for international studies and research (CERI). He is currently teaching assistantExpand
Management of tax transgressions in France