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A Liberal Theory of International Justice
1. Introduction 2. Democracy and Self-Determination 3. Secession 4. International Criminal Law 5. Armed Intervention and Political Assassination 6. International Distributive Justice 7. ImmigrationExpand
  • A. Altman
  • Debating Pornography
  • 20 December 2018
This chapter provides an empirical analysis of the pornography industry. Facts concerning its growth and evolution are explained. The current financial status pornography industry is shown andExpand
Targeted Killings: Law and Morality in an Asymmetrical World
PREFACE Introduction PART I: THE CHANGING FACE OF WAR: TARGETING NON-COMBATANTS 1. Allowing the State to Rebut the Civilian Presumption: Playing Whack-A-Mole Without a Mallet? 2. TargetingExpand
  • A. Altman
  • Political Science
  • Social Philosophy and Policy
  • 14 December 2011
Abstract Genocide and crimes against humanity are among the core crimes of international law, but they also carry great moral resonance due to their indissoluble link to the atrocities of the NaziExpand
Liberalism and Campus Hate Speech: A Philosophical Examination
In recent years a vigorous public debate has developed over freedom of speech within the academic community. The immediate stimulus for the debate has been the enactment by a number of colleges andExpand
From Humanitarian Intervention to Assassination: Human Rights and Political Violence*
An international consensus has begun to take shape around that idea that the cross-border use of armed force by states is morally permissible if such force is required to stop or prevent human-rightsExpand
A Defense of International Criminal Law*
In this article, we critically examine the prevailing justification of international criminal law and defend an alternative approach. We share the prevalent view that a system of such law is bothExpand
Breathing Life into a Dead Argument: G.E. Moore and the Open Question
A century after its publication, G.E. Moore'sPrincipia Ethica stands as one of theclassic statements of anti-naturalism inethics. Moore claimed that the most basic ethicalproperties were denoted byExpand