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A New Measure of Substance Abuse Treatment Initial Studies of the Treatment Services Review
This paper describes the development and initial testing of the Treatment Services Review (TSR). The TSR is a 5-minute, technician-administered interview that provides a quantitative profile of theExpand
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Reliability and validity of the Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment.
This article assesses the reliability and validity of the Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment (CSSA), a measure of cocaine abstinence signs and symptoms. Interrater reliability and scale internalExpand
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The Addiction Severity Index at 25: origins, contributions and transitions.
The Addiction Severity Index (ASI) is a multi-dimensional interview used to measure the substance use, health, and social problems of those with alcohol and other drug problems, both at admission toExpand
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Initial evidence for the reliability and validity of a "Lite" version of the Addiction Severity Index.
PURPOSE To evaluate the psychometric properties of a shortened version of the baseline ASI-5, the ASI-L-VA. METHOD Two samples were recruited from intensive outpatient treatment and a methadoneExpand
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Development and initial evaluation of the Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM).
This project developed and tested a 17-item monitoring instrument covering important substance use related behaviors to support measurement-based care and outcomes assessment. The study consisted ofExpand
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Naltrexone in the treatment of alcohol dependence.
Seventy male alcohol-dependent patients participated in a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of naltrexone hydrochloride (50 mg/d) as an adjunct to treatment following alcoholExpand
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Alcohol in Human Violence
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Similarity of outcome predictors across opiate, cocaine, and alcohol treatments: role of treatment services.
This study examined the patient and treatment factors associated with 6-month outcome in 649 opiate-, alcohol-, and cocaine-dependent (male and female) adults, treated in inpatient and outpatientExpand
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Preparations for AIDS vaccine trials. An automated version of the Risk Assessment Battery (RAB): enhancing the assessment of risk behaviors.
Our primary objective during this pilot work has been to determine if the computerized RAB can be used in place of the paper-and-pencil version with an IDU population. As stated, reliabilityExpand
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Predicting DSM-IV dependence diagnoses from Addiction Severity Index composite scores.
This study, using data from the Drug Evaluation Network System and a study conducted through the Center for Studies on Addiction of the University of Pennsylvania/Philadelphia Veterans AdministrationExpand
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