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Chemistry of inorganic arsenic in soils: II. Effect of phosphorus, sodium, and calcium on arsenic sorption.
There are more than 10000 arsenic (As) contaminated sites in Australia. The ability of soils at these contaminated sites to sorb As is highly variable and appreciable amounts of As have been recordedExpand
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Penetration of very strong soils by seedling roots of different plant species
The abilities of seedling roots of twenty-two plant species to penetrate a strong growth medium were compared under controlled conditions. Seedlings were grown for 10 days in compression chambersExpand
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The nature of soil organic matter affects sorption of pesticides. 1. Relationships with carbon chemistry as determined by 13C CPMAS NMR spectroscopy.
The structural composition of soil organic matter (SOM) was determined in twenty-seven soils with different vegetation from several ecological zones of Australia and Pakistan using solid-state CPMASExpand
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Influence of root diameter on the penetration of seminal roots into a compacted subsoil
A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the influence of root diameter on the ability of roots of eight plant species to penetrate a compacted subsoil below a tilled layer. The soil was a fineExpand
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Measurement of phosphorus in the soil microbial biomass: A modified procedure for field soils
Abstract A range of gaseous, liquid and vapour biocides was tested in combination with seven extradants for their ability to release P from soil microorganisms in situ. The biocides tested wereExpand
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Phosphorus cycling in wheat pasture rotations .I. The source of phosphorus taken up by wheat
Wheat plants (Triticum aestivum cv. Warigal) were grown in the field in a solonized brown soil (Calcixerollic xerochrept) to which 33P-labelled medic residues (Medicago truncatula cv. Paraggio) andExpand
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Chemistry of Arsenic in Soils: I. Sorption of Arsenate and Arsenite by Four Australian Soils
Ten soils varying widely in chemistry and mineralogy were used to examine the physical and chemical properties that influence As sorption processes in soils. The sorption of As was measured using aExpand
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Phytotoxicity of aluminium-fluoride complexes and their uptake from solution culture by Avena sativa and Lycopersicon esculentum
AbstractAvena sativa (oats) and Lycopersiconesculentum (tomatoes) were grown in dilute nutrientsolutions supplemented with Al only, F only or acombination of both. In solutions containing Al andF,Expand
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Fate and behaviour of triasulfuron, metsulfuron-methyl, and chlorsulfuron in the Australian soil environment: a review
The sulfonylurea herbicides comprise a group of compounds designed to control broad-leaved weeds and some grasses in a variety of crops. The herbicides have become popular because of their lowExpand
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