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Equivalent projectors for virtual element methods
A variant of the virtual element method that allows the exact computations of the L^2 projections on all polynomials of degree @?k to be presented. Expand
Energy consumption for water use cycles in different countries: A review
Energy and water are essential, inseparable, and inextricably linked resources that are recognized as indispensable inputs to modern economic and national security. Understanding the nexus of energyExpand
Pythagorean 2-tuple linguistic aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making
This paper presents a meta-analyses of nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics (NAAM) and its applications in telecommunications systems and networks. Expand
An ecological risk assessment of heavy metal pollution of the agricultural ecosystem near a lead-acid battery factory
Abstract Lead-acid battery factories can lead to heavy metal pollution of nearby agricultural ecosystems. To assess the ecological risk and to understand the transport processes of heavy metals in anExpand
Environmental Remediation and Application of Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron and Its Composites for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions: A Review.
Research shows that NZVI-based materials have satisfactory removal capacities for heavy metal ions and play an important role in the environmental pollution cleanup. Expand
New properties of conformable derivative
Abstract Recently, the conformable derivative and its properties have been introduced. In this work we have investigated in more detail some new properties of this derivative and we have proved someExpand
Effects of heat generation/absorption on stagnation point flow of nanofluid over a surface with convective boundary conditions
Abstract Analysis has been conducted to analyze the stagnation point flow of nanofluid near a permeable stretched surface with convective boundary condition. The relevant problem formulation isExpand
Asymptotic behaviors of a stochastic delayed SIR epidemic model with nonlinear incidence
It is shown that the system has a unique global positive solution with any positive initial value, then by constructing some suitable Lyapunov functionals, the asymptotic behaviors of the disease-free equilibrium and the endemic equilibrium are investigated. Expand
On strong solutions to the compressible Hall-magnetohydrodynamic system
Abstract In this paper, we consider strong/classical solutions to the 3D compressible Hall-magnetohydrodynamic system. First, we prove the existence of local strong solutions with positive density.Expand
Metal-organic framework-based materials: superior adsorbents for the capture of toxic and radioactive metal ions.
  • J. Li, X. Wang, +5 authors X. Wang
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Chemical Society reviews
  • 3 April 2018
This review focuses on recent progress in reported MOFs and MOF-based composites as superior adsorbents for the efficient removal of toxic and nuclear waste-related metal ions. Expand