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Effect of cassava flour variety and concentration on bread loaf quality
Cassava flour from 12 clones was baked into bread loaves at 10, 20, 30, and 40% substitution. Loaves were rated according to volume, color and character of crust, texture and grain, crumb color, andExpand
Total dietary fibre content of some green and root vegetables obtained at different ethanol concentrations
Abstract The effect of reducing ethanol concentration for the precipitation of soluble dietary fibre in the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC, 1990, 1992, Official Methods of AnalysisExpand
Influence of cassava variety and storage on gari quality
Gari, a partially gelatinized dry cassava meal, was prepared from 35 cassava clones and evaluated and swelling capacity was influenced by crude fibre and protein contents, gel consistency in water and in KOH, and amylograph consistency of the paste. Expand
Influence of plantain and cooking banana cultivar and ripeness on processed product quality
The plantain cultivars (Musa spp., AAB group), Agbagba, Obino L'Ewai and Ubok Iba, and two cooking bananas (ABB group), Bluggoe and Fougamou, were processed into a paste (fufu), fried chips and friedExpand
Fat and Fatty Acid Concentrations in Some Green Vegetables
Petroleum ether is the solvent recommended by AOAC for fat determination using the Soxhlet method. However, hexane has also been used for defatting and for analysis of fat, lipids, and fatty acids inExpand
Nutritional Quality of Sweetpotato Greens from Greenhouse Plants
Differences in the nutrient and antinutrient concentrations were observed in the three cultivars due to variety and production method. Expand
Antinutritional Factors in Sweetpotato Greens
Abstract Although sweetpotato leaves are consumed as a green vegetable in several Asian and some African countries, information on their antinutritional factors is very limited. Thus, oxalic, phytic,Expand
Effects of processing factors on the quality of gari produced by a steam gelatinization technique
Abstract The effects of dice size, fermentation time, blanching time and drying temperature on the total cyanide content and swelling capacity of gari samples produced by the steam gelatinizationExpand
Influence of sugar and cyanide concentrations and paste viscosities of cassava flour on fried cassava chip quality
The quality of fried chips made from cassava flour depended on total soluble sugar (TSS) concentration and on some paste viscosity parameters of the flour. Chip colour darkened as TSS contentExpand
Biological degradation and composition of inedible sweetpotato biomass.
In the studies conducted with biodegradative microorganism indigenous to sweetpotato fields, it was determined that a particle size of 75 microns and incubation temperature of 30 degrees C were optimal for degradation. Expand