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Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability
Popularized by such best-selling authors as Michael Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver, and Eric Schlosser, a growing food movement urges us to support sustainable agriculture by eating fresh food producedExpand
Food sovereignty in US food movements: radical visions and neoliberal constraints
Although the concept of food sovereignty is rooted in International Peasant Movements across the global south, activists have recently called for the adoption of this framework among low-incomeExpand
From value to values: sustainable consumption at farmers markets
Advocates of environmental sustainability and social justice increasingly pursue their goals through the promotion of so-called “green” products such as locally grown organic produce. While manyExpand
Whiteness and Farmers Markets: Performances, Perpetuations … Contestations?
Abstract:  Academics and activists highlight the potential for alternative agrifood movements to contribute to the evolving coalescence of justice and sustainability. This potential, however, isExpand
Foodways of the urban poor
Abstract In the past decade, progressive public health advocates and food justice activists have increasingly argued that food deserts, which they define as neighborhoods lacking available healthyExpand
Acknowledgements Food Policy Councils: Lessons Learned is the result of a collaboration between Food First and the Community Food Security Coalition. This study would not have been possible withoutExpand
Paradise or pavement: the social constructions of the environment in two urban farmers' markets and their implications for environmental justice and sustainability
Abstract Urban aspects of local food systems, such as farmers' markets, provide an opportunity for city residents to “do” environmentalism within their own home places. What environmentalism is andExpand
Breaking the Food Chains: An Investigation of Food Justice Activism*
This article develops the concept of food justice, which places access to healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate food in the contexts of institutional racism, racial formation, and racializedExpand
The Socio‐Nature of Local Organic Food
Abstract:  The concept of socio-nature asserts that social relations are inherently ecological and that ecological relations are inherently social. This paper examines how, and with whatExpand