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Copper-catalyzed asymmetric synthesis
Introduction THE PRIMARY ORGANOMETALLIC IN COPPER-CATALYZED REACTIONS Scope and Introduction Terminal Organometallics Sources Available Coordination Motifs in Asymmetric Copper Chemistry AsymmetricExpand
Biphenol-based phosphoramidite ligands for the enantioselective copper-catalyzed conjugate addition of diethylzinc.
Phosphoramidite ligands, based on ortho-substituted biphenols and a chiral amine, induce high enantioselectivities (ee's up to 99%) in the copper-catalyzed conjugate addition of dialkylzinc reagentsExpand
A new reagent for the determination of the optical purity of primary, secondary, and tertiary chiral alcohols and of thiols
A new reagent is described for the determination of the enantiomeric excess of chiral alcohols. This derivatizing agent (22) is a diazaphospholidine, easily prepared from hexamethylphosphorousExpand
Mild protection and deprotection of alcohols as ter-butyl ethers in the field of pheromone synthesis
α,ω-Halohydrins and Ω-acetylenic alcohols are protected as t-butyl ethers by reaction with isobutene and an acid catalyst : Amberlyst H-15. t-Butyl ethers are, in turn, cleaved to acetates by Ac2OExpand
Boron fluoride promoted opening of epoxides by organocopper and cuprate reagents
In the presence of BF3 the reaction rate of organocopper and cuprate reagents with poorly reactive epoxides is dramatically enhanced. Lithium organocuprates are the best choice among the variousExpand
General methodology for the synthesis of conjugated dienic insect sex pheromones
A general methodology for the synthesis of various types of dienic insect sex pheromones (Z-E, E-Z, Z-Z) is based on the carbocupration of acetylene by functionalised or non-functionalised lithiumExpand
Synthesis of (Z,Z)-3, 13-octadecadien-1-yl acetate Component of the sex pheromone ofSynanthedon tenuis
The main component of the sex pheromone of the smaller clear wing moth, Synanthedon tenuis, was synthesized using the carbocupration of acetylene followed by the alkylation of the (Z)-alkenyl cuprate or by its reaction with ethylene oxide. Expand
Enantioselective copper-catalyzed conjugate addition and allylic substitution reactions.
This paper presents a meta-analyses of the chiral stationary phase of Na6(CO3(SO4)(SO4)2, where Na2SO4 is a major component of the polymethine of carbon dioxide and its opposite, Na2CO3, which has an important role in the formation of DNA. Expand