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A new ptiloneurid genus (Psocoptera: Ptiloneuridae) from Dominica
Willreevesia dominica, new genus, new species, is described from the island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles. It has a combination of complete labral sclerites, all distal labral sensilla but the central
Two new ptiloneurid genera (Psocoptera: Ptiloneuridae) from South America
Abstract Two new ptiloneurid genera, Loneuroides gen. n., from Venezuela, and Timnewia gen. n., from Brazil and Ecuador, are here described and illustrated. Both are related to Euplocania Enderlein.
New genera of Psocoptera (Insecta), from Mexico, Belize and Ecuador (Psoquillidae, Ptiloneuridae, Lachesillidae)
Four new species of Psocoptera are described, each in a new monotypic genus: Rhyopsocoides typhicolus (Psoquillidae) and Omilneura circumvittata (Ptiloneuridae) from Mexico, Belicania cervantesi
New species of Euplocania Enderlein (Psocodea, 'Psocoptera', Ptiloneuridae) from Brazil, with a checklist of all known species of the genus.
The first identification key to males of Euplocania species from Brazil is presented and a new species group is here diagnosed, the quinquedivisa group.
Three new species of Loneura (Psocodea:'Psocoptera':Ptiloneuridae) from Gorgona Island, Cauca, Colombia, with a new infrageneric classification
Three related species of Loneura Navas, from Gorgona Island (Cauca, Colombia), are here described and illustrated. The types are deposited in the Entomological Museum of the Universidad del Valle
A new species of Euplocania Enderlein (Psocodea:’Psocoptera’: Ptiloneuridae), from Magdalena, Colombia, with a proposed classification of the genus
Una especie de Euplocania, del Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, en Magdalena, Colombia, es aqui descrita e ilustrada; se incluye en el grupo de especies Zelayensis. Con base en la pigmentacion del