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Managing large engineering changes : the case of a high-tech microlithography equipment manufacturer
The cause‐and‐effect relationships triggered by various types of changes are revealed and the need for a more integrated approach to managing engineering change is explained.
Fuzzy sustainability incentives in new product development: An empirical exploration of sustainability challenges in manufacturing companies
Purpose – This paper investigates the challenges encountered by manufacturing companies in managing sustainability in new product development (NPD). It describes six case studies of manufacturers
Design resilience in the fuzzy front end (FFE) context: an empirical examination
This study provides a detailed understanding of the flexibilities that affect performance of innovation projects in the fuzzy front end (FFE) stage. We use the ambidextrous theory approach along with
Product platform life cycles: a multiple case study
There are strong arguments to distinguish platform life cycle management from the more common Product Life Cycle (PLC) management, and that best practices in various industries deserve to be generalised.
Representing function-technology platform based on the unified modelling language
A formalism of FT platform representation is developed based on the unified modelling language (UML), which consists of a generic functional structure, a generic technology structure and the mapping relationships in-between.
Impact of product platforms on lean production systems: evidence from industrial machinery manufacturing
The present study describes the effects of product platform changes on lean production systems and illustrates the fundamental impact of changes in the platform on procurement, manufacturing, and maintenance.
Many industries base their innovations on product platforms. Platforms have predefined modularity with standardized interfaces. However, product platforms provide significant challenges to
Tailoring the Engineering Design Process Through Data and Process Mining
A data-driven approach is proposed, based on advanced text analytics and process and data mining techniques, to better understand the complexity of engineering changes, and facilitates process and product innovation, and efficient design process management in future projects.
Platform strategy for complex products and systems
A new platform strategy for firms producing CoPS is defined, which covers aspects such as lifecycle management, configuration management, and engineering change management and provides both practitioners and scholars with increased understanding of the management of platforms in CoPS firms.
Managing design variety, process variety and engineering change: a case study of two capital good firms
Many capital good firms deliver products that are not strictly one-off, but instead share a certain degree of similarity with other deliveries. In the delivery of the product, they aim to balance