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A quantitative trait locus for ascites on chromosome 9 in broiler chicken lines.
A genome-wide SNP survey was used to identify chromosomal regions that showed linkage disequilibrium with respect to ascites susceptibility and ventricular hypertrophy in an F2 cross betweenExpand
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Genome Analysis of Staphylococcus agnetis, an Agent of Lameness in Broiler Chickens
Lameness in broiler chickens is a significant animal welfare and financial issue. Lameness can be enhanced by rearing young broilers on wire flooring. We have identified Staphylococcus agnetis asExpand
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Prophylactic administration of a combined prebiotic and probiotic, or therapeutic administration of enrofloxacin, to reduce the incidence of bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis in broilers.
Bacteria entering the bloodstream via translocation from the gastrointestinal tract spread hematogenously and can trigger bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis (BCO) by infectingExpand
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An investigation into blood microbiota and its potential association with Bacterial Chondronecrosis with Osteomyelitis (BCO) in Broilers
Bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis (BCO) is a common cause of lameness in commercial broiler chickens worldwide. BCO represents substantial production loss and welfare issues of chickens.Expand
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Bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis in broilers: influence of sires and straight-run versus sex-separate rearing.
Two experiments (E1, E2) were conducted to compare the influence of sires (sire A on dam C vs. sire B on dam C) and straight-run versus sex-separate rearing on the incidence of bacterialExpand
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Chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis in broilers: Further defining a bacterial challenge model using the wire flooring model
&NA; Lameness in broiler chickens is a significant animal welfare and financial issue. Bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis (BCO) leading to lameness can be enhanced by rearing young broilersExpand
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Molecular diagnosis of metabolic fast growth related diseases in broiler
Pulmonary Hypertension Syndrome (PHS) and lameness are important metabolic diseases that affect rapidly growing broilers. The research reported in the first section of this dissertation focused onExpand
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