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Moisture sorption isotherm characteristics of food products: A review
Knowledge of the sorption properties of foods is of great importance in food dehydration, especially in the quantitative approach to the prediction of the shelf life of dried foods. Equations forExpand
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Water sorption isotherms of starch powders: Part 1: mathematical description of experimental data
Abstract Adsorption and desorption isotherms for potato, highly amylopectin and highly amylose starch powders were determined at 30, 45 and 60 °C using a gravimetric technique. Samples wereExpand
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Adsorption characteristics of natural zeolites as solid adsorbents for phenol removal from aqueous solutions: Kinetics, mechanism, and thermodynamics studies
Abstract Zeolitic tuff was used for the adsorption of phenol from aqueous solutions at different temperatures in a batch process. The adsorption characteristics, i.e., kinetics, mechanism, isotherms,Expand
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Water sorption isotherms of starch powders. Part 2: Thermodynamic characteristics
Abstract A thermodynamic approach was used to interpret the experimental adsorption and desorption isotherm data for potato, highly amylopectin and highly amylose powders starch. Calculation of theExpand
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Kinetic and thermodynamics of chromium ions adsorption onto low-cost dolomite adsorbent
Abstract The chromium bearing wastewater in this study was used to simulate the low concentration discharge from a major aerospace manufacturing facility in the UK. Removal of chromium ions fromExpand
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Biosorption of toxic chromium from aqueous phase by lignin: mechanism, effect of other metal ions and salts
Abstract Surface reaction methodology was implicated in the optimization of hexavalent chromium removal onto lignin with respect to the process parameters. The influence of altering the conditionsExpand
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Enthalpy-entropy compensation in sorption phenomena of starch materials
Abstract The enthalpy–entropy compensation theory was applied to the experimental moisture adsorption and desorption isotherm data (water activity (aw) range 0.006–0.982) of raw potato, potato starchExpand
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Abstract The production of tomato paste produces huge quantities of tomato pomace as a waste product. Such a great amount of pomace waste would become a serious environmental problem and a waste ofExpand
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Biochar production from waste rubber-wood-sawdust and its potential use in C sequestration: Chemical and physical characterization
Abstract Biochars have received increasing attention because of their potential environmental applications such as soil amending and atmospheric C sequestration. In this study, biochar was producedExpand
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Fabrication and characterization of Gum arabic-cl-poly(acrylamide) nanohydrogel for effective adsorption of crystal violet dye.
Natural biopolymers are better adsorbents due to better functionality, surface area, bio-compatibility and ease of procurement. The gum arabic in natural biopolymer derived from Acacia ArabicExpand
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