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Increased pressure after paracentesis of the rabbit eye is completely accounted for by prostaglandin synthesis and release plus pupillary block.
Pupillary block resulting from miosis aggravates the rise in intraocular pressure (as does mydriasis), so Pretreatment with aspirin plus iridectomy virtually eliminates the elevation of intraocular Pressure consequent to paracentesis.
Rise in lens temperature on exposure to sunlight or high ambient temperature.
Temperature increases in the lens after exposure to sunlight may initiate or accelerate the formation of senile cataracts in dry and hot tropical areas of the world.
Fenethylline as a possible etiology for retinal vein occlusion.
The hemorrhage, the edema and the engorged veins showed marked improvement after discontinuing the drug and laser supplement in one case.
Anophthalmos and first branchial arch defects.
This case shows the maximal effect of the abnormal development of the first branchial arch (the mandible, maxilla, and ears) on the globe and the orbit, which supports the concept that abnormalDevelopment of the mandible may influence the development ofThe orbit and the globe.
Exodeviation compensated for by dragged macula: pseudo-exodeviation.
A 25-years-old male is presented with dragged macula in the right eye, good vision in both eyes, and pseudo-exodeviation of 45 prism diopter without diplopia, and the degree of pseudo-deviation and the distant of the fovea from its expected original position is correlated.